kCura: An e-Discovery Platform for Efficient Data Management

Andrew Sieja, Founder and CEO
Law and government organizations form an integral part of every judicial system throughout the world and they are burdened with the task of handling a myriad of complicated cases every day. Consequently, law agencies are required to discover and evaluate heaps of documents regularly to provide more visibility for case investigations and evidence collection. In such a scenario, major law agencies need to constantly maintain records by rapidly storing and managing relevant content.

However, traditional manual processes for maintaining archives are sluggish and considerably hamper case proceedings. Today, various organizations, law firms, and attorneys are in pursuit of attaining competent e-discovery solutions to electronically archive information, swiftly seek relevant content, and conduct appropriate risk management. Helping companies achieve this, kCura, a developer of web-based e-discovery applications, has opened the doors for numerous organizations to manage large volumes of electronic evidence during litigations and investigations. “kCura’s Relativity platform helps organizations seamlessly manage unique e-discovery challenges such as litigation, information governance, or running an internal investigation,” says Andrew Sieja, Founder and CEO, kCura.

Since its inception, the Chicago, IL based company has been offering government agencies, organizations, and law firms with highly capable e-discovery solutions to streamline their operations. kCura’s Relativity is an e-discovery platform that helps organizations conduct internal investigations, compliance projects, control costs, and manage data to reduce risks. “Relativity can help an organization’s legal team to stay in control of data throughout the litigation life cycle with defensible, repeatable workflows and results,” says Sieja. In case of government agencies, the Relativity platform helps in efficient data examination, responding to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, and performing criminal and civil investigations with poise.

In addition, Relativity fulfills essential needs such as targeted collection and analysis of data or forensic images, both remotely and onsite. The collection process is followed by subsequent processing to filter and process data, allowing an attorney to spend less time staging and loading data, resulting in quick review. Relativity’s review and production capabilities help attorneys effortlessly handle complex review projects of all shapes and sizes with flexible options for searching, coding, and producing data.
Besides, kCura’s platform also offers various other functionalities such as analytics and assisted review, fact management, and data grid to manage larger data bases. “Relativity provides capabilities from legal hold through production, supporting clients irrespective of the size or complexity of the case,” explains Sieja.

kCura’s Relativity platform helps organizations seamlessly manage unique e-discovery challenges such as litigation, information governance, or running an internal investigation

Over the past decade, kCura’s Relativity platform has helped more than 100,000 active users worldwide from organizations including the U.S. Department of Justice and most of the top U.S. law firms. For instance, Troutman Sanders LLP an international law firm wanted to reduce the manual effort of gathering information from various sources and providing that information in regular status updates to clients. kCura helped Troutman Sanders create SynQ a custom built application on the Relativity platform. The SynQ application considerably reduced manual effort by connecting with multiple data sources, extracting relevant data, and automatically aggregating it to provide a complete illustration of all important information.

With distinct expertise in developing web-based e-discovery solutions, kCura streamlines the process of automatic data archiving followed by storage and analysis to help organizations achieve desired results. One of the company’s key ideologies revolves around constant innovation for improved customer satisfaction. Moving ahead, kCura plans to further expand its operations globally after increasing employee strength to almost 500 this year. After releasing a new version of Relativity (version 9.2) earlier in May, kCura is on a mission to relentlessly develop their Relativity platform to help organizations overcome the challenges of traditional data discovery.


Chicago, IL

Andrew Sieja, Founder and CEO

Provider of web-based e-discovery applications to help numerous law organizations manage large volumes of electronic evidence during litigations and investigations