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Lance Keene, CEO
For obvious reasons, it’s hard to find an authentic medieval castle in North America; their imitations, however, are few and far between. Castles are an amalgamation of various European cultural inputs and styles, diverse components each intricately created or added to serve a different function. Building a castle then may serve numerous purposes, ranging from protection to creating a vantage point. One can see why Lance Keene, the CEO of Keene Systems and ardent programmer, found something of a calling in the art and science of castle building. To him, the art of developing enterprise web applications also requires various tools and solutions that work together seamlessly to create something remarkable. The associative cognition between Keene’s passion for web app development and castle building was not born overnight. Keene previously worked as a programmer in the U.S. Army—stationed in Germany for a few years, where he studied German and Computer Science. While he was there, he visited numerous German castles, realized how fascinating they were, and decided to build one himself. Soon after, he bought 20 acres of land atop a mountain in New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest and started building even though he had no building experience. Keene’s dedication and technical prowess are admirable; this passion and attention to detail carries over to Keene’s commitment to providing cutting edge custom-built web applications. Much as how Keene's castle is function-specific, so are his purpose-driven applications that help clients solve today’s complex business problems and prepare them for the future. “We employ a wide range of technologies and make companies more efficient by writing custom web applications that improve their manual processes and better manage operations.

We employ a wide range of technologies and make companies more efficient by writing custom web software to improve their manual processes and better manage operations

We develop software to manage things like customer data, billing, time tracking, inventory, compliance, reporting, operations, and complex process flows,” asserts Keene.

Keene Systems was founded in 1987 in Florida and is now located in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Today the company has over 30 highly skilled and versatile .NET developers with extensive experience in solving business problems by employing Microsoft .NET technologies, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server and .NET Core. Other technologies they employ include PHP, MySQL, FileMaker Pro, react and support for iOS and Android. The company believes in the idea of developing customized software versus one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf software to address a company’s unique needs.

Keene explains it by giving the example of Neuco, a company that specializes in the pipeline and distribution of natural gas and electric utilities. The company was experiencing substantial difficulty managing its operations and accurately accounting for work done. This was mostly due to a manual and time-consuming, error-prone process of recording operations data in spreadsheets before rekeying it into their accounting system. Management had difficultly tracking projects.
Valuable data was spread across multiple spreadsheets, which made reporting cumbersome and in some cases impossible. Keene Systems stepped in and solved their problem by developing a custom web application with mobile capabilities based on Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server technologies. Initially, Keene Systems’ business analysts figured out exactly how the company operated. There were specific business rules regarding billing that were to be applied as per the contracts with the gas utilities. After the rules were defined, the data entry screens were designed and sent to the stakeholders to get their feedback. Keene Systems built a flexible database architecture allowing for any reporting as well asscalability. The screens were also designed with usability in mind so that the foremen in the field could easily interact with the system from a mobile device.

Keene also mentions that the company’s customized software solutions help clients from different backgrounds. Keene Systems also does “takeover projects” where they take over the development of their client’s existing systems to maintain them and expand them simultaneously. “There are companies who hire us to manage all of their IT needs. We act as their outsourced IT department by managing all of their programming and server issues,” comments Keene.

With such capabilities all-around, Keene proudly mentions that after 32 years in the industry, Keene Systems is well-positioned for the future and it shows with positive feedback from its clients. After implementing a complex web application for a hospital, they received this testimonial, “The Bariatric database has proven to be a successful tool for our program. It is very smooth for all staff to navigate patient information, follow patient meeting attendance, as well as track patient weight loss. We will gladly work with Keene Systems, Inc. in the future, as our needs change. ”

Keene Systems

Plymouth, NH

Lance Keene, CEO

The company develops cutting edge custom build web application solutions to help clients solve today’s complex business problems and prepare them for the future.

Keene Systems