Keeper Technology: Scalable Architectures for Big Data Storage and Analytics

David Donald, Founder
The sheer volume of new data generated each day brings in the risk of data deluge, creating the need for better data management and processing. The real value of data can be harnessed only if it’s understandable and relevant to deliver insight for a business’ competitive gain. Businesses use processing architecture for extracting information, facilitating entire big data analytics through its centralized storage. Keeper Technology, located in Ashburn, VA, drives to manage growing, complex data sets with its unique, scalable data storage solution.

“Since most companies struggle with their very complex processing architecture for extracting information, at Keeper Technology, we assist them with their work flow. We integrate our storage solution with their existing infrastructure, to provide them an enhanced storage infrastructure,” states David Donald, Founder, Keeper Technology.

Today, businesses are inclining towards open source solutions within their cloud architecture. The recent shift toward open source software defined storage now sees industries using Open Stack to manage their clusters and scalable processing. The locked-in proprietary architectures used by businesses often create hindrances in integrating with other solutions. Mining into the same need, Keeper Technology enables businesses to achieve enhanced storage capability, fused together with open source solutions. Other open source technologies like Lustre and GFS have been used for storage solutions, yet with new technologies like Ceph, the enterprise storage infrastructure has taken a progressive leap forward. “Think about developing a next generation of cloud architecture with software storage stack based on object storage,” adds Donald.

The clients can switch traditional application environment to cloud based infrastructure with keeperSAFE, a scalable storage solution by Keeper Technology. “keeperSAFE centralizes the data storage while managing the storage infrastructure as an independent scalable resource,” explains Donald. keeperSAFE helps in connecting to all the cluster units, using a volume management data access and security modules. Usually enterprises have separate clusters of different sizes working on different data sets to process specific information.
This generally requires loading and unloading large amounts of data from the clusters. With keeperSAFE, enterprises can easily change their cluster size and configuration, without having to load or unload data, thus reducing the response time.

Additionally, Keeper offers Quantum Corporation’s StorNext, a shared disk file system that is delivered as Infrastructure-as-a-Service within their solutions. StorNext allows faster file sharing across the enterprises through its much-enhanced Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS). StorNext enhances the input/output performance and provides Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM)—tiering that aims at utilizing storage devices effectively and economically.

keeperSAFE centralizes the data storage while managing the storage infrastructure as an independent scalable resource

Staying relevant to their name, the company leverages technologies to safe guard their client’s most critical asset— data. Keeper Technology distinguishes itself from other solution providers by building cost effective open source storage solutions. Donald states, “At Keeper Technology, we collaboratively architect a comprehensive processing and data management solution from the compute cluster into a multi-tier storage environment.”

Keeper has recently released a ‘byte sized’ keeperSAFE hardware appliance packaging offering a lower capacity entry point for its storage solution. Adding to its innovative solutions, the company also just rolled out an Intelligent Data Management Technology (IDMT) option that will feature extensible, automated file metadata extractions based on its data management engine. “Specializing in multi Petabyte solutions for enterprises, we constantly aim for new applications and services to provide for our customers,” concludes Donald.

Keeper Technology

Ashburn, VA

David Donald, Founder

Provides products that facilitate big data analytics, data management services and software defined storage.