KeepItSafe [NASDAQ: JCOM]: Delivering Powerful End Point Backup Solutions

Hemi Zucker, CEO
Most enterprises these days are prone to computer server hazards where much of the relevant information can be lost or damaged. With most organizations moving their data to the cloud, the need of the hour is credible online backup services that are able to recover and save sensitive data. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, KeepItSafe is an online backup and DR solutions provider with a focus on Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). As a subsidiary of j2 Global [NASDAQ: JCOM], the company offers its high-end solutions to organizations and businesses. “Our powerful end point backup solution features, such as file sharing, collaboration, and data loss prevention, are all rolled into one unified solution,” delineates Hemi Zucker, CEO, KeepItSafe.

A foolproof DR solution is a crucial ingredient that cannot be ignored while concocting a sound business plan as it ensures pliable business continuity in the face of a disaster. Furthermore, advanced cloud based recovery solutions are much more cost-effective than a tape backup that needs considerable investment in hardware appliances. A key flagship solution, KeepItSafe DR is an all-in-one disaster recovery and online backup solution as it features a fully monitored DRaaS that replicates and protects an enterprise’s data across multiple offsite servers. It also offers failover in the event of a system crash or any other disaster.

Another key offering, KeepItSafe Online Backup and Recovery is an on-demand data recovery service that is both scalable and secure for online backup that is fully managed and monitored round the clock, by a team of experts. It has an automated, scalable backup that eliminates the need for manual administration. With the highest possible level of encryption that secures the business data, the effortless ease of installation and configuration by KeepItSafe enables its clients to focus on their mission critical tasks.

Divine Capital Markets (DCM), a boutique institutional brokerage firm that specializes in trading research and investment banking is one of the many clients who found KeepItSafe’s hosted data back-up service beneficial to their business.

Our powerful end point backup solution features additional benefits such as file sharing, collaboration, and data loss prevention, all rolled into one unified solution

DCM was on a lookout for a fully managed online data backup solution for their mission critical information that included databases, personal files, company files, and contact information. KeepItSafe’s continuous online backup DR solutions helped DCM in backing up the critical data from their network and hard drives.

KeepItSafe Mobile is another easy-to-deploy solution that backs up multiple devices, operating systems and hardware while offering an anytime and anywhere access to data through user-friendly mobile apps. The enterprise-wide collaboration from any device through file sharing and storage is a key highlight of this solution. KeepItSafe Cloud 2 Cloud is one of the latest DR solutions that offers back up and comprehensive protection for data stored in cloud apps such as Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and Google Apps. The DR solutions also provide seamless and continuous security for their clients’ entire digital footprint irrespective to where the data is stored.

The online backup and recovery specialist has a very proactive stance when it comes to their 24/7 customer support, as they walk their clients through the entire backup process. KeepItSafe maintains high professional standards that reflect in the proficiency and team oriented approach of its customer support engineers. The ease-of-use combined with the fact that their solutions can be tailored based on a business’s needs to help it survive any kind of catastrophe involving its data systems are key differentiating factors that have kept the firm above the fray in a competitive market.


Los Angeles, CA

Hemi Zucker, CEO

Provider of online backup, disaster recovery solutions and Disaster Recover As a Service