Kellton Tech Solutions: Disruptive Technology Doubling as a Virtual Location Based Guide

Krishna Chintam, Managing Director
Exotic locales entice the traveler; however the traveler’s needs vary especially while touring unknown or new locations, necessitating service and assistance through the course of the journey. To address these imperative needs specific to the travel and hospitality xsector, Kellton Tech, headquartered in New Jersey, offers a variety of value added premium services and solutions for some of the world’s leading travel and leisure companies. “As technology experts, we are devoted to make the entire travelling experience an instance unbound gratification,” says Krishna Chintam, Managing Director, Kellton Tech Solutions.

As a globe trotter, Chintam is aware of the challenges of managing impromptu hotel bookings and itineraries and seeking local guidance in unknown countries. Kellton Tech’s solutions for the travel and hospitality arena spring board from technologies such as Location Based Services (LBS), Mobility and Push Notifications. “Our technology offerings enable a tourist to have a virtual location based guide and a booking engine at just a touch away,” explains Chintam.

The company’s Kellton Tech Mobility Platform packs features such as geo-location, bar code / QR code, dynamic mobile forms, voice-to-text, unified notification and more. For instance, a premier customer of a luxury hotel receives a personalized questionnaire about his preferences even before he checks in. This information is pivotally used by the hotelier to make his stay a dream experience. Kellton Tech’s Location-Based Promotion Platform is a white-label mobile application for customers of major retail, hotel, banking and restaurant chains. Through this app, a user in a store’s neighborhood receives messages via push notification about the store’s current offers. Additionally, the storeowner can customize his offers and broadcast the same based on the people inside the store. With location determined using GPS, aGPS and Wi-Fi, the application has features such as ‘search stores’, ‘view offers running at near-by stores,’ ‘loyalty program integration’ and ‘location based pull /push offers’. These illustrate the various ways where location based services can augment primary revenue by attracting additional revenue, from local advertisements.

“Location based services can augment primary revenue by attracting additional revenue, from local advertisements”

Kellton Tech is also augmenting new technologies like iBeacon from Apple to provide users with a rich and engaging experience on mobile devices while in transit. Described the simplest way, iBeacon is a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that enable a person in the vicinity of a beacon enabled zone to get all the necessary information about that place right into his phone through beacon transmissions. “We use iBeacon to implement queue tracking and busting solutions for amusement parks. Augmented Reality is another marvel that we have used to implement in-pocket tourist guide systems for certain tourist locations,” says Chintam.

Kellton Tech collaborates with airlines, car rental agencies, online travel agents, hotels, transportation and logistics, and gaming and sports related businesses across the globe. For instance, in the backdrop of bandwidth inconsistencies on mobile networks in India, one of the country’s largest travel portals wanted to build a high performance, light weight, mobile application across all dominant device platforms that can work well on all network conditions. The application designed by Kellton Tech is currently generating significant number of transactions for flights, hotels and other bookings for the travel portal.

With successful implementations in North America, Europe and India, the company is planning to extend its services to other regions such as the Asia Pacific and South America. Being the thought leader behind Kellton Tech's knowledge and expertise, Chintam says, “We use technology as a force multiplier for delivering solutions that are disruptive and thus help an incumbent vendor in travel and hospitality sector to compete with the established players in the arena.”

Kellton Tech Solutions

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Krishna Chintam, Managing Director

Provides a variety of value added premium services and solutions for travel and leisure companies