Kenandy: Cloud ERP Driving Innovation

Chuck Berger, CEO Being the first woman to take a Silicon Valley company public, Sandra Kurtzig has a knack for identifying opportunities where technology can transform businesses. Kurtzig’s success in unraveling complex operational challenges manufacturers face with a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution has defined the market, twice. While some manufacturers were reluctant to invest in ERP during the most recent economic downturn, they greatly relied on enterprise software to streamline processes, reduce costs, manage growth and gain competitive advantage. From materials and inventory to accounting and finance, an ERP system can seamlessly integrate all of the critical areas of a business area—creating a centralized information hub for manufacturers to work more efficiently. For a long time, the promise of ERP systems ended up feeling like shackles inhibiting innovation because legacy ERP systems are difficult to update, slow, rigid, and inflexible for users in their day-to-day work.

"Kenandy is dedicated to giving companies the freedom to innovate products, services, operations and relationships with end-to-end Cloud ERP, which is flexible and ready for growth"

Kurtzig envisioned a new Cloud ERP solution that was flexible, intuitive for users across all areas of companies, and could easily adapt to new business processes. In 2010, Kurtzig’s vision was to build a cloud-based ERP with a groundbreaking and differentiated product architecture, which would allow customers to map their ERP to existing business processes - instead of the other way around. This concept gives companies tremendous freedom to leverage business processes that are working and to change the ones that aren’t. Built on the Salesforce platform, Kenandy’s end-to-end Cloud ERP is dedicated to giving companies the freedom to innovate products, services, operations and relationships with Cloud ERP, which is flexible and ready for growth. Seven years down the line with numerous customers, Kenandy has already been recognized as the Number 1 Cloud ERP for Manufacturing Product Leadership by global research firm Frost and Sullivan.

Reinventing ERP

Today, under the leadership of Chuck Berger, CEO, Kenandy is enabling manufacturers to efficiently run business processes across procurement, inventory management, warehouse management, global financials and order management on one seamless system. By enabling manufacturing companies to run their front and back office applications on the Salesforce platform, Kenandy offers customers an unprecedented view of both operational data and trends with customer analytics.

When you allow companies to spend time and energy on their business instead of worrying about software, they can focus on their customers. Kenandy is all about delivering value

Further emphasizing the importance of having Salesforce as the platform for Kenandy’s ERP solution, Berger explains that the company’s customers can leverage thousands of business applications on the Salesforce AppExchange, which presents the opportunity to make use of best-in-class technology for collaboration, enterprise community development, and social engagement, all on the same platform. Gartner consistently ranks Salesforce as the number one Platform as a Service (PaaS). With Kenandy’s Cloud ERP built on Salesforce, companies have an ERP that is as easy to use as their CRM, and allows them to have a seamless connection between the front and back office. Another offering, Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote), relieves the sales team from the burden of manual quoting. The integration of Salesforce CPQ with Kenandy Cloud ERP facilitates accurate quoting with real time information about customers, account balances, inventory and lead times. Kenandy Cloud ERP also gives Salesforce manufacturing and distribution customers a comprehensive view to business data across Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, and as well as access to valuable insights with Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

For example, Kenandy’s Cloud ERP on Salesforce helped IoT manufacturer, Blue Clover Devices (BCD), to bridge the collaboration gap between their Shenzhen, China, and San Francisco, California facilities by streamlining their supply chain processes and approvals. The previously tedious and time-intensive processes were not only automated with Kenandy, but resulted in a 50 percent decrease in lead times and five times increase in growth for BCD— all the while maintaining a 100 percent on-time delivery rate and improving customer satisfaction.

Building Blocks of Kenandy’s Cloud ERP

With its agile Cloud ERP, Kenandy has become the choice for many high growth manufacturers. Customers include Merrow Sewing Machine Company, Philips, 3 Sigma Corporation and Primus Power. When Primus Power decided to implement its first-ever ERP system to efficiently deliver innovative energy storage solutions, the company selected Kenandy. Primus Power was able to quickly integrate business processes and gain real-time data visibility with Kenandy. The mobile and collaborative capabilities offered by Kenandy further added value, and Primus Power was able to go live and get users up and running in less than three months.
One of the largest benefits Kenandy Cloud ERP on Salesforce offers is flexibility. The smart information model behind Business Ready Objects— the architecture of Kenandy Cloud ERP—allows the company to deliver unprecedented flexibility for an end-to-end ERP, differentiating it from competitors. Kenandy’s unique data model reduces the need for redundant data loading in different systems, simplifying information management. “Kenandy runs on 150 Business Ready Objects, which can be configured to map their Cloud ERP to customers’ existing business processes,” says Berger. While other ERP systems often come with hundreds of modules and tens of thousands of rigid data tables, Kenandy from its inception, approached ERP in a holistic manner. “We have built an end-to-end ERP with strong attention to the functions manufacturers require to run their businesses,” states Berger.

Ensuring Faster Return on Investment

Kenandy Cloud ERP on Salesforce differentiates itself from the competition by offering key advantages, including an impressive return on investment. Unlike legacy ERP solutions, which often took years to implement, Kenandy’s Cloud ERP solution typically takes weeks or months to implement, which dramatically reduces up-front costs and on-going outside consulting. With a cloud-based solution, companies no longer have to bear on-premise hardware costs, and they can look forward to automatic updates. Kenandy Cloud ERP allows employees the freedom to focus on the needs of the business instead of managing software systems.

Kenandy’s Cloud ERP was built with the everyday users in mind, providing an intuitive user experience for people across the company. Kenandy offers a customer support team and online support with the Kenandy Community, which serves as a one-stop portal full of resources that are easy to find and engage with whenever needed. “Our customers have access to our customer support team to ensure they are always able to maximize the benefits of the solution,” states Berger. Kenandy Community covers an array of topics, including tips and tricks for using Kenandy Cloud ERP, the Salesforce Platform, and ideas about product enhancements, from both Kenandy team members, partners and customers. It’s also easily accessible via single sign-on from Kenandy Cloud ERP.

Envisioning a Future of Innovation

In the years to come, Kenandy will continue to invest in its technology and drive more innovation and value for customers. Berger envisions a future where companies are no longer inhibited by out-dated ERP systems. As more and more companies implement Kenandy’s end-to-end Cloud ERP on Salesforce, their teams will benefit from significant innovation. “When you allow companies to spend time and energy on their business instead of worrying about software, they can focus on their customers. Kenandy is all about delivering value,” concludes Berger.


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Chuck Berger, CEO

Kenandy allows customers to map their ERP to their existing business processes and make changes on the fly

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