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Ryan Jerome, Founder & CEO
KMT offers innovative software and integration services that empower leading mortgage lenders, service providers, banks, and credit unions in the U.S. with a nimble, hands-on approach to streamline business processes. The FinTech solution provider addresses a client’s issues by utilizing processes that usher in a comprehensive operational understanding of the requirements and vision of the customer. “On the one hand, there are software developers, and on the other, there are banking professionals. Quite often, these two are not a combined skill set,” states Jerome. KMT finds the middle ground between the duality of software and manual financial processes to produce a holistic banking solution. With a team of experienced program developers who have a strong operational background of mortgage processes, the company delivers a range of dynamic workflow automation tools for fee management, address verification, and loan processes along with an intuitive SaaS offering, Maestro.

“We developed Maestro about a year and a half ago to bring a standalone, visually engaging, task management solution to the market,” expresses Jerome. The enterprise-level product is a web-based platform that facilitates full customizability and has an interactive UI. Utilizing powerful business intelligence (BI), Maestro manages tasks, user-defined work queues, and rules-based user-friendly calendars for tracking file flows while allowing full two-way integration into many Loan Origination Systems (LOS). While most LOS fail to deliver an easy-to-use, visually appealing method of managing loan pipelines and processes outside the system, Maestro performs all banking functions independently and efficiently.
Additionally, to enhance the functionality of their SaaS offering, KMT has developed the LoanMessenger, a plug-in SMS platform. This mobile-based text-messaging platform integrates with, and leverages, a firm’s existing LOS to deliver real-time loan information to borrowers, realtors, and other parties of the concerned loan transaction in the form of SMS messages and notifications. “As the loan’s status moves through the pipelines, all the involved participants receive timely updates of the same,” explains Jerome. With a quick 30-minute installation and setup process, LoanMessenger is designed to be user-friendly and flexible, while offering fully encrypted, secure network connections.

According to Jerome, participating in open conversations and sharing dialogue on real-world problems in the FinTech space can facilitate the development and improvement of collaborations as opposed to “a typically mundane, black and white process of scoping.” KMT aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of a client’s business model and goals to design and deliver personalized services combined with superior customer support. “If customers were to call KMT, they will not be greeted by an automated bot,” states Jerome.

With a growth rate of 300 percent in 2018, the company is expecting to witness the same growth in 2019. With several new standalone SaaS products to be released by the end of the first quarter and building strategic partnerships with leading service providers in the industry, KMT intends to strengthen the FinTech space with their innovative technologies.

KensieMae Technologies

Eden, NY

Ryan Jerome, Founder & CEO

Powers many of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders, service providers, banks and credit unions, with world-class innovative software and integration