Kepion: Build Corporate Performance Management Solutions Truly Around the Way You Work

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Several companies still use spreadsheets to gather insights about their budgets and forecasts throughout the year. However, consolidating this information for reporting and analysis can be an overly manual and error prone process. These challenges can continue to escalate, especially as their organization grows.

Kepion has been able to provide companies a platform for building Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions around the way they work. The company provides hybrid cloud planning and CPM applications for finance, sales and operations to large and mid-size organizations around the globe.

Kepion is disrupting the enterprise markets with a revolutionary platform technology that allows enterprise applications to be built within minutes instead of days or weeks. For the first time, the business user is able to design, build, and deploy rich application models for both planning and reporting needs. With Kepion, business users can directly connect through their web-browser to conduct in-depth 'what-if' analysis and set key business targets across all their departments.

Kepion enables automatic consolidation of budget and forecasts information into a single application for real-time reporting and analysis. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and scorecards can be set to monitor the company's overall business performance. Drill-down capabilities allow business users to deep dive into any area of risk or opportunities across different products, geographies or any other attributes of the business.Kepion streamlines the budgeting and forecasting process, enabling more time for business users to collaborate and make better informed decisions.

Kepion's hybrid cloud architecture provides companies a choice of whether they want their Kepion apps hosted or onpremise. At the core of the Kepion platform is the Microsoft Business Intelligence Engine, which is the leading business intelligence technology in the industry for scale and performance.
This means Kepion can easily integrate with other Microsoft technologies such as Excel, Power BI and SharePoint. It can also integrate systems such as SAP, Oracle, IBM and SalesForce. Customers in healthcare, consumer goods, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, retail, non-profits, manufacturing, insurance and services have all adopted Kepion to integrate their financial, sales, and operations planning. Some of the commonly built apps include expense budgeting, revenue forecasting, strategic planning, workforce planning, capital expenditures, demand planning, capacity planning, and trade and promotions planning.

Our customers see the paradigm shift where a set of Kepion apps can be quickly configured on a common platform and shared across the enterprise

"Kepion software is very effective in terms of implementation and handling requirements for our users. The speed at which changes can be implemented allows IT to focus on user requirements instead of technical coding, which in turn, is bringing value to the business," says Melanie Britenstine, Global Business Intelligence Manager, IT, Energizer Holdings. Some of Kepion's clients include Energizer, GE Capital, WEG and Catalent.

"Our customers see the paradigm shift where a set of Kepion apps can be quickly configured on a common platform and shared across the enterprise. The time and costs saved from a more traditional approach is huge," says Kevin Hsu, VP of Business Development at Kepion. "Kepion is able to build CPM solution that is truly around the way they work, and not the other way around."

Going forward, Kepion is seeing phenomenal growth and customer momentum. The company continues to expand their operations and partner networks to address the needs of the brodening markets.


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