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Mark Huizenga, Managing Partner
Regardless of location, in the continually evolving digital world, the demand for metrics is at a peak with its importance in sustainability, standing second to none. Whether it’s saving money, conserving energy, diverting waste, recycling, managing water consumption, or expanding healthy foods, accurate metrics of an environment is a must for a company to achieve their sustainability goals. Every journey starts with a single step and for Key Green Solutions—one of the major industry leaders providing sustainability management software for healthcare—it was the year 2009 when the feedback from a large healthcare organization changed the course of its journey. Key Green Solutions had introduced a single stream waste reduction program for this large healthcare organization and even though the processes were effective, collecting and managing the data was very time consuming. The health system was interested in comparing their single-stream recycling numbers over a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to see if they could make any improvements. The health system’s dire need of a solution that would provide information electronically while also including information about gas and electricity consumption made Key Green Solutions evolve from a single stream waste solution company to a software company. “With the integration of healthcare expertise, software knowledge, and data needs, we were able to provide them a perfect solution. Our web-based software suite is designed specifically for healthcare and supports unlimited users across a company’s facility or system, and enhances organizations by providing accurate, timely information through automated interfaces,” asserts Jeff Burks, the Relationship Manager at Key Green Solutions.

Being one of the leading providers of sustainability management software, Key Green Solutions’ software has evolved over the years to include energy, food, and purchasing tracking while providing information through benchmarking graphs, dashboards, scorecards, and trending charts and graphs. The company’s mission is to automate and systematize data collection for making organizations more efficient. Key Green Solutions’ team works directly with the client’s vendors and suppliers to obtain the data, which is automatically uploaded into the software. The company offers a sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPI) report to provide an executive-level static view of all the categories comparing a facility to the health system and their peers. With a customizable dashboard, the company provides each user a current overview of the system’s or facility’s performance, creating reports for operators, staff and executives via scorecards, KPI’s, and automated push reports.

Our web-based software suite is designed specifically for healthcare and supports unlimited users across a company’s facility or system, and enhances organizations by providing accurate, timely information through automated interfaces

Key Green Solutions also allows users to analyze performance indicators to industry-specific metrics including adjusted patient days, Full-Time Equivalents (FTE’s), square footage, and meals. The company also assists users in analyzing waste generation, landfill avoidance savings, recycling volumes, and cost trends over time using benchmarks and performance reports for each facility.

Over the years, Key Green Solutions reporting has assisted multiple companies in gaining significant Return on Investment (ROI). For instance, a large multi-facility health system achieved $300,000 in savings annually by analyzing the electricity rates of multiple hospitals which had multiple energy providers for the system. In a separate scenario, Key Green Solutions saved a 288-bed hospital over $20,000 per year after a waste pickup frequency was analyzed, modified, and then reduced, after utilizing the dashboard and waste reports supported by the ease of reporting built into the dashboard.

For the future, the company aims to continue growth in healthcare as well as other industries such as manufacturing and universities internationally across North America and Europe. With customers in every region in the U.S. “When we have customers in a market, we become experts in the region, and with the vendors, utilities, and the suppliers of the organizations which is critical for the integrity of the data. We continue to evolve with our strong user community and their ongoing feedback, and now we report and manage customers’ data for over 125 million square feet of healthcare facilities throughout the country,” explains Mark Huizenga, Managing Partner at Key Green Solutions.

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Mark Huizenga, Managing Partner and Jeff Burks, Relationship Manager

The company is a leading provider of sustainability management software for the healthcare industry

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