KEYPR: Crafting a Personalized Guest Experience

Nizar Allibhoy, Co-founder & CEO
Expectations of contemporary travelers, regarding a good travel experience, are driven by factors well outside of the traditional hospitality industry. With the advent of mobile technology, there has been a dramatic transition in the way people understand, experience, and consume travel as a whole. From booking flight tickets to reserving a car for airport pick-up, everything today can be availed at the click of a button. “On the contrary, the hospitality industry has not been able to keep pace with mobile technology thus far,” says Nizar Allibhoy, Co-founder & CEO, KEYPR, as he reflects on this steep change in guest expectations. KEYPR seeks to bridge this gap by developing a multi-channel, cloud platform for hotels, residential properties, and casinos to facilitate a customized guest experience— enabling them to capture the imagination of guests and deliver an experience that perfectly matches every other aspect of their travel.

The KEYPR platform comprises a Mobile Guest App, an In-room Tablet, Keyless Entry, a Digital Marquee, Conversational UX, and more. Guests, in-tune with technology, can leverage the Mobile Guest App to make prior reservations, check-in remotely as well as gain secure access to rooms via KEYPR’s Keyless Entry which eliminates the risk of losing keys altogether. The good thing is KEYPR’s Keyless Entry solution is compatible with existing lock systems.

For guests who do not necessarily want to download an application but still have a connected experience, KEYPR’s in-room tablet is the ideal solution. The tablet offers in-room access to the hotel’s services whereby they can order dining, book restaurant tables, make spa reservations, along with the benefit of digital concierge services like curated tour and entertainment guides. An add-on to KEYPR’s premier fleet of solutions is the Digital Marquee system that allows hotel staff to review and carry out order requests based on digital signage displaying messaging such as “do not disturb” and “please make up my room”. The marquee supports Bluetooth and other protocols through a software-defined platform so it can be upgraded over time by introducing new capabilities and features.
Apart from its core solutions, KEYPR also houses a back office system that provides comprehensive visibility into guest requirements—queries, complaints, and interactions—allowing the management to execute on-demand service recovery. “If a guest happens to have an unsatisfactory experience, we get the problem fixed in real time while KPIs and analytics track the entire recovery process from the back end,” Allibhoy highlights.

Our platform approach is greatly aligned with the needs of guests as well as the business reality of hoteliers who are our customers

The uniqueness of KEYPR lies in its ongoing SaaS relationship with clients that incentivizes both parties to retain an advanced level of service. Rather than contending with market equivalents, KEYPR focuses more on interfacing with prevailing systems to create the best operational aid for hotel guests. In the words of Allibhoy, “Our platform approach is greatly aligned with the needs of guests as well as the business reality of hoteliers who are our customers.”

To cite a relevant instance, one of KEYPR’s clients was grappling with long queues of guests as they did not have self-parking and was relying on a third-party valet service. At that juncture, KEYPR stepped forth and devised an interface with the third-party service; henceforth when a guest requested for their car through the tablet or the app, the alert went straight to the valet service generating an instant response.

En route to revolutionize the hospitality industry, the team at KEYPR is constantly on the lookout for trends that will enhance the world of hospitality and intends to bring the utilities to customers in an enterprise-managed, financially viable manner. The company is imminently launching a new breed of communication tools including voice support, MDM, two-way chat and third party messaging services to augment guest and staff interaction, and more.


Los Angeles, CA

Nizar Allibhoy, Co-founder & CEO

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