Keystone Business Services: Streamlining Product Development with PLM

Eric Jozwiak, Founder & President
With the evolving Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) landscape, more and more organizations are leaving their spreadsheet- based systems and venturing toward the cloud. Keystone Business Services (Keystone) helps businesses leverage the power of Autodesk® PLM 360, a next generation cloud- based product lifecycle management solution, to streamline the management of people, information and processes.
“PLM was born as a response to accelerated design cycles and the increasing need for companies to track product data. We enable companies to achieve these requirements through Autodesk® PLM 360. It’s a flexible and easy- to-use solution to support areas such as Manufacturing, Engineering and Quality,” says Eric Jozwiak, Founder and President, Keystone Business Services.

Keystone, headquartered in Chicago, helps companies streamline their product development with Autodesk® PLM 360. This includes the elimination of spreadsheets and bottlenecks, the integration of disparate applications, all with a move to a centralized real-time collaboration system resulting in improved efficiency and teamwork.

PLM Education

A common challenge in the market is the lack of a clear understanding of the difference between PLM (lifecycle) and PDM (custom, job shop). Keystone is addressing this challenge through education initiatives, including webinars, social media, emails and customer interactions.

An Integrated Solution: NetSuite & Autodesk

Keystone is a partner with both Autodesk and NetSuite, allowing it to provide an integrated end-to-end solution. Using Jitterbit, Keystone is able to integrate PLM with ERP systems. Their Dev Team configures integration to ensure all key data is synchronized.
“We’re excited to be working with Autodesk. In the past we weren’t able to target the manufacturing vertical because of the gaps in BOM and ECO Management, but PLM fi lls these gaps and allows us to provide a complete solution,” says Jozwiak.

Beyond PLM

In addition to PLM, Keystone has ERP, CRM and eComm solutions. Partners like NetSuite and Salesforce allow them to provide exceptional business software products to meet the specific needs of the client.

One of Keystone’s clients was rapidly growing and quickly outgrew their previous inventory management and product design framework. Keystone optimized a solution to allow the clients’ employees to easily upload each end user’s customized product design and serial numbers into NetSuite in minutes, a process that previously took two to six hours. An automated procurement process extended the solution to the contract manufacturer, and an integrated vendor portal completed the closed-loop solution. These solutions resulted in significant time savings and fewer errors.

Whether it’s customizing, implementing, integrating or optimizing a solution, Keystone has a highly skilled team of experts dedicated to providing the optimal solution. Keystone works to gain an understanding of the business processes, challenges and objectives before deploying a solution to streamline processes, reduce costs and support growth.

The integration of PLM and ERP provides a complete end-to-end solution

Keystone Business Services

Oak Brook, IL

Eric Jozwiak, Founder & President

Provides a full line of cloud computing services including implementation, integration with other applications, custom development and ongoing optimization for ERP, PLM, CRM and eComm.