Khanna Consulting: Providing “end to end process” for the Retail Industry

Sanjiv Khanna, CEO
“I get excited by good user experience; and hence I make sure whatever we do—whether its defining a process or building software—we pay great attention to the user experience,” says Sanjiv Khanna, CEO of Khanna Consulting. Carrying out this aphorism, Khanna has helped a lot of retail energy giants like Reliant Energy, Gdf-Suez, MxEnergy and ER- COT to provide a good end-user experience. Through all these implementations, Khanna acquired the knowledge and molded the idea of Khanna Consulting.

Headquartered in Sugar Land, TX, Khanna Consulting is a retail energy consulting firm that provides end-to-end business and IT consulting to customers. “We offer complete solution lifecycles to customers using the Design, Build and Manage approach,” reveals Khanna.

The company has deep expertise all the way from Digital Business Development to seamless integration of the frontend digital assets with backend systems. The company also believes that digital is the way to go for any industry these days. “We have come a long way in our digital journey,” says Khanna. “Digital innovation is transforming the consumer behavior and anyone who understands this change in consumer behavior and develops digital capabilities accordingly will be a winner in long run,” he adds. Khanna Consulting has built expertise in understanding the new digital savvy corporate behavior and help its clients revamp their systems and processes to meet or exceed the customers' expectations.

“There are about scores of sub-markets that have been effectively deregulated and are open to competition either for electric or gas service,” notes Khanna. A Retail Energy company has to comply with the rules and regulations of each of these company (be- sides federal regulation) to effectively serve a territory.
Most retail energy companies duplicates their systems and process to serve markets that differ in characteristics. This leads to too many systems and processes making it very confusing and expensive for companies to operate. Khanna Consulting specializes in designing and implementing systems and process that allows the retail energy companies to serve all the disparate markets using a single system and common processes. This un- locks the potential for the companies to become more customer friendly and build competitive advantage.

Khanna Consulting offers consulting service for implementing some of the most popular technologies. “We have very deep expertise in most of the popular Microsoft and Oracle products,” says Khanna. “We typically use agile development process to build technical products that meet our client's custom specifications. We also help our clients come up with the technical specifications if needed,” he explains.

The company assisted several customers with its numerous solutions. For a detailed understanding of its solutions consider the example of Siebel—one of the biggest CRM system for Exelon. The client had to build series of interfaces to be able to integrate with various applications. Moreover these interfaces were using different strategies and technologies making it too expensive and time consuming to build and maintain such interfaces. Khanna Consulting offered single web service to the client that allowed any number of interfaces to be implemented using the same service without writing any non-Siebel code. “Now building a new interface is possible within hours,” says Khanna.

Going forward, Khanna Consulting plans to build software that offers out-of-box features needed to effectively operate in this industry. This will allow the customers to not only reduce cost but focus more on revenue generation activities instead of being software building shop.

Khanna Consulting

Sugar Land, TX

Sanjiv Khanna, CEO and Renu Khanna, COO

A consulting firm that provides end-to-end business and IT consulting to companies in Retail Energy Industry