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Ajay Dhingra, President & Founder
In today’s volatile business environment SAP ERP remains widely adopted across various industrial domains. However, some of the major challenges that SAP centric organizations face today have evolved from yesteryears. Today’s challenges revolve around ‘doing more with less’. For instance, performance management challenges today translate to achieving faster, dynamic results with voluminous big data, and technical architecture requires being more cloud-centric and service oriented.

Khoj Information Technology, a firm headquartered in Ramsey, NJ offers expert solutions designed to mitigate these challenges. Their offerings include design services and expert solutions that ensure robust SAP technical architecture, best shore basis administration, comprehensive performance management focused on user experience, automated quality assurance and cost-effective, cloud-centric disaster recovery services.

The company’s TurboSAP service provides a proven approach to proactively conduct a comprehensive, multi-module, automated performance, stress and load test of SAP and portal implementations. “Through the product, we do high-quality sizing exercise upfront in order to proactively benchmark the capacity, which the SAP system requires,” says Ajay Dhingra, President and Founder, Khoj. The company has implemented a methodology around performance management task force to mitigate complex multi-disciplinary performance issues effectively. “From a technological perspective, we are introducing in-memory computing like HANA in our customer’s initiatives, especially in data warehousing and SAP space for performance remediation,” adds Dhingra.

In addition, Khoj’s offering remote SAP provides follow-the-sun support through a dedicated, reliable, and secure connection from their solution delivery center. The product includes best shore 24x7 real-time system checks, SAP basis emergency support, and access to a wide array of technical expertise that will assist in maintaining an efficient SAP environment. “We also offer manage SAP that provides services to handle end-to-end SAP’s implementation methodology, by installing, configuring, and maintaining solution manager,” says Dhingra.

Furthermore, the secureSAP solution from Khoj offers SAP security design and administration services for ERP, SCM, SEM, SRM and CRM portal.

We assess SAP technical architecture for our clients and provide design, build and remediation recommendations for existing and new SAP landscapes on HANA and Cloud

Khoj’s SAP Technical Architecture service offering helps their Fortune 500 clients formulate key strategies and design decisions for hardware solution, database platform, server LAN, disaster recovery, enterprise batch scheduling, and release management. Khoj achieves an edge over their competitors due to their 18 fundamental strategies that make their technical architecture services world class. The architectSAP solution provides high-level services for logical and physical architectural design. “We guarantee success on our client’s SAP initiatives by proactively executing capacity planning strategy, data archiving and management services before production go-live,” notes Dhingra.
Khoj has also fulfilled the modern organization’s desire to move SAP into the cloud. The company has successfully secured partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud, which helps their clients move infrastructure in the most cost-efficient manner. To quote an instance, one of the world’s largest bicycle manufacturers was looking for quantum cost reduction on their disaster recovery services. This problem required an innovative solution that could reduce cost by more than 100 percent. The experts at Khoj devised a solution, which achieved cost-effective, real time replication of SAP production environment on the AWS cloud. This solution was also extendable to SoH, BW on HANA and Native HANA.

“Our consultants bring solid business knowledge with strong technical experience to create a perfect synergy between best practices and real implementation experiences,” says Dhingra. Driven by innovation and thought leadership, Khoj is winning key client engagements around SMAC(social, mobile, analytics and cloud) capabilities for transforming business processes. “Our team works towards building innovative capabilities through HANA on AWS and Azure cloud, which compliments SAP’s solutions,” concludes Dhingra.

Khoj Information Technology

Ramsey, NJ

Ajay Dhingra, President & Founder

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