Kilobytes Data Solutions: Mobile and Cloud Solutions Integrator

Domenic Micieli, CEO & President
“Mobile first, cloud first” was the key message from Satya Nadella in the 2014 World Partner Conference. Other companies are also developing solutions that incorporate mobility and cloud-based services, resulting in the market being flooded with such products in record time. Clients looking to implement these offerings are finding it challenging to navigate the field to integrate viable solutions into their network architecture.

Kilobytes Data Solutions Inc. is a provider of service maintenance, network support and custom IT solutions to its clients. Partnering with Microsoft, the firm has over 25 years of experience in delivering mobility solutions and network offerings. The guidance given by Kilobytes has helped customers build and maintain their networks. By leveraging various Microsoft offerings, Kilobytes has been providing viable solutions on the Microsoft Mobile platform. “With Microsoft’s Azure platform gaining prominence, companies in the enterprise circle are slowly making the move to embrace a cloud-based infrastructure,” says Domenic Micieli, CEO and President of Kilobytes. Customized 24/7 Managed Services, Mobile Device Management, and Cloud based solutions are some of the services that Kilobyte solutions provides.

Kilobytes’ storage solutions combined with Windows Azure have helped clients maintain data backup on the cloud with rapid recovery rates. “With the global availability of Windows Azure and Kilobytes’ on-premise network storage solutions, our clients can define their backup needs easily,” says Micieli. The offering can easily be incorporated into the existing infrastructure in a cost-effective manner. It enhances business continuity and delivers the required storage that cloud-based applications need.

The firm’s strategic partnership with Microsoft also enables Kilobytes to offer custom software applications that give clients the freedom of remote and wireless computing based on a variety of platforms.Having proved its skill in supporting clients with migrations and infrastructure upgrades, Kilobytes has become a certified Gold Data Centre,Silver Cloud Platform, Silver Cloud Productivity,Silver Hosting, The certification has helped Kilobytes to gain an objective view of the midmarket area and now has a good insight into how Microsoft products can be leveraged for clients.
“The certification is proof that we are investing our resources into the partnership and helping our clients make the most out of it,” says Micieli. Today, Kilobytes caters to many government organizations and small and medium sized businesses.

Keeping their business frame¬work agile, Kilobytes is able to tap into the latest Microsoft trends and help their clients leverage it effectively. “Keeping our clients’ comfort ahead of ours is essential to helping them adopt new products,” says Micieli. Earlier, cloud-based products struggled because of its complexity, but the market today has realized the benefits of such solutions and how they reduce the cost of ownership. With improved features that ease adoption, and the ability to dynamically scale the infrastructure, many companies are now investing in cloud. This puts Kilobytes in a good vantage point due to its prior adoption of the cloud and its in-depth expertise in the field. Apart from holding a strategic position in the market, Kilobytes has also learned from other companies. “In 25 years, we’ve seen a lot of competing startups and we understand the importance of knowing who you’re competing against and what’s their key to success,” says Micieli.

With the global availability of Windows Azure and Kilobytes Data Solutions on-premise network storage solutions, our clients can define their backup needs easily

Moving forward, Kilobytes plans to take its cloud practice to newer heights. With experience in delivering and managing hybrid network architectures and mobility solutions, the company has plans in place to integrate with their mobile division, Get connected.

Kilobytes Data Solutions

Woodbridge, ON

Domenic Micieli, CEO & President

Providing a complete design and integration of On-Premise and Cloud based solutions over secure wired or wireless networks.