Kinetic Growth: Subscriptions and E-commerce for Salesforce

Seth Landy, Co-founder & CEO
Prior to founding Kinetic Growth, Seth Landy and Samir Gupta, while working in the Salesforce ecosystem saw that, even though Salesforce was a flexible tool, it was exclusively designed to support one-time sales. Organizations that wanted to sell subscriptions needed additional capabilities to effectively monitor and automate their recurring sales process. “All the organizations we spoke with were facing similar challenges with using Salesforce for renewals, subscriptions, and recurring billing. So we set out to tailor the well-proven Salesforce sales processes for the subscription economy,” reminisces Landy, Co-founder and CEO of Kinetic Growth. The company’s products are specifically designed to simplify and automate the renewal management process in Salesforce, resulting in increased sales and higher customer retention.

Kinetic Growth’s Encore product ensures that renewal opportunities contain the right products, the right prices, and that quotes are sent at the right time. “Subscription businesses need to transform customer relationships from a collection of unrelated sales transactions into a unified and ongoing partnership,” points out Landy. To that end, Encore provides renewal intelligence, visualization, and billing automation to allow businesses to quickly, accurately, and comprehensively understand and transact with their customers.

Providing another source of value, the firm’s Venue product enables customers to self-serve, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, lower costs, and increased sales. By using Encore and Venue, organizations can leverage their existing investments in the Salesforce platform with streamlined workflow, rules, and processes. This entices shoppers in real-time, while enabling organizations to gain insight into customer behavior in the Salesforce system. “You can see what products your customers are shopping for and present them with intelligent shopping options based on their preferences. Venue is the best way to empower your customers to self-serve on the Salesforce platform,” says Landy.

Encore allows businesses to quickly, accurately, and comprehensively understand and transact with their customers

“With Encore and Venue, your customers can purchase additional products or licenses at any time—even in the middle of a subscription term, and don’t necessarily need to depend on a sales rep. They can go online and handle new purchases, add-ons, and product upgrades themselves,” explains Landy.

In one instance, Kinetic Growth worked with Xirrus, a Wi-Fi technology company, to streamline their customer renewal process. Since Xirrus’ customer base is growing rapidly, they needed to deliver renewal reminders and quotes, with zero time delay. Using Encore, Xirrus is able to automatically send reminders and quotes to customers and provide a web portal where customers can renew their recurring support contracts. This enhanced process covers a large number of their customers so that Xirrus can devote more resources to growing their business. For customers that sales reps are working with directly, Encore consolidates the data so that it is at the reps’ fingertips. Sales reps can then quickly see the pricing provided in previous years, what upgrades are available, and the impact on price that any changes would have on the renewal.

Kinetic Growth’s solutions help clients handle larger numbers of customers through automation and self-service capabilities which in turn enables clients to focus on growing their business. The company has quickly gained increasing traction and continues to broaden the bridge it has built to connect customers with subscription-based organizations.

Kinetic Growth

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Seth Landy, Co-founder & CEO

Customizes sales process for the subscription economy

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