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George Santillan, CIO
Historically, much of post-acute healthcare’s infrastructure consisted of endless paper files and warehouses of durable medical equipment. That setup enabled basic care, but was not a substitute for the sophisticated capabilities of hospitals and other acute care settings. In recent years, however, software has assumed a central role in post-acute care. New technologies, like Internet-enabled home monitors, apps for mobile health and telemedicine, are bringing elements of advanced care into patients’ homes, including the homes of senior citizens who make up the largest demographic receiving post-acute care services. With more than 4,000 post-acute care agencies as customers, Kinnser Software® develops and delivers Web-based software that helps clinicians, office staff and administrators manage scheduling, billing, visit verification, day-to-day operations and patient referrals. George Santillán, CIO of Kinnser Software says, “Our company Founder and President, Chris Hester, understood the challenges facing home health care providers and knew that Web-based software could revolutionize the way they deliver care. Twelve years ago, Kinnser began as an electronic tool to schedule clinicians for patient visits, but evolved into a set of rich and comprehensive solutions that support the entire post-acute care continuum in a highly regulated environment.”

The company’s flagship product, Kinnser Agency Manager™, is a software solution for a home health agency’s entire operation. It is both a documentation solution for clinicians caring for patients in the field, as well as a set of tools for the agency office, including scheduling, quality assurance, billing, financial management, reporting and business intelligence. The software was developed with active home health agencies to improve real world processes. The result is a comprehensive solution that is intuitive, clear and hassle free. It incorporates Kinnser’s HIPAA-compliant messaging system,K-mail, as well as Direct Secure Messaging to simplify patient referral management from healthcare entities subject to Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements established by the Centers for Medicare &Medicaid Services (CMS). For therapy companies, which work in collaboration with home health agencies, Kinnser developed Kinnser Therapy Manager™. This solution enables better visibility of care andschedules between home health andtherapy, who must stay in tight alignment as they care for patients.
The company collaborated with successful hospices and knowledgeable consultants to develop Kinnser Hospice®— an ideal solution that improves efficiency, reduces cost and enhances patient care in hospice. Then, in 2014, Kinnser introduced Kinnser ADL®, a comprehensive solution for private duty non-medical home care. Kinnser ADL includes powerful communication tools, including a unique family portal that enables client’s families to stay informed about the care their loved ones receive. Together, Kinnser’s suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions enable post-acute care providers with multiple lines of business to rely on a single software partner to scale their agencies, increase revenue and provide more services to their patients and clients.

Kinnser’s suite of SaaS solutions enable post-acute care providers with multiple lines of business to rely on a single software partner to scale their agencies, increase revenue and provide more services to their patients and clients.

Kinnser solutions are cloud-based, so there is no software to install or update. Agency data stays organized and is accessible 24/7 on all Internet-enabled devices including laptops, iPads and Android tablets. Recently, the company introduced Kinnser Link®, a new mobile app that allows home health clinicians to complete clinical documents while still at patients’ homes, even when Web access is unavailable. This dramatically improves the accuracy of clinical information, increases efficiency and reduces cost.

As Kinnser CIO George Santillán states, post-acute care is increasingly the way in which quality care is being delivered to our nation’s rapidly growing senior population. “As the home care landscape evolves, we are uniquely positioned to provide industry-leading solutions to these providers,” concludes Santillán.

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George Santillan, CIO

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