Kinsey: Infor CloudSuite Implementations Made Confidently

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Dan Kinsey, President and Brad Kinsey, CEO
Innovative software companies will frequently add features in each iteration of their products, but their clients may not always understand these features. Apple, for example, recently added a new, hidden, feature that allows iOS 13 users to access Wi-Fi settings from the device’s shortcut menu. Now, if one is to imagines similar features released by top ERP solution providers in each update, it can become difficult for the business leaders to optimize their digital business workflow. This currently holds true for Infor users. The enterprise software company has bundled a number of new features into the latest releases of the CloudSuite Financials, Supply Management, and Human Capital Management applications, and the challenge for its users is to realize the full potential of these products.

One of the stalwarts helping businesses leverage the power of Infor CloudSuite is Kinsey. In an interview with CIO Applications, Brad Kinsey, CEO, and Dan Kinsey, the president of Kinsey, offer an insight into how their company brings a world of difference to Infor users with their deep expertise in the arena.

Can you please give us a background of Kinsey? What has been the key to your success as an Infor consultancy firm?

Kinsey was formed in the ’80s with a focus on small to midsized companies and became a partner with Lawson software in 1997. Since then, the company has come a long way from being a regional Chicago-based company to a national Infor Lawson consulting firm, with a focus on public sector and healthcare organizations. Many of our clients were new to Infor when we began working with them, and we have been successful in bringing in these new implementations on-time and on-budget.

This success has been built with a wonderful group of consultants, and we have had great success in retaining them. Our consultants’ broad experience has served these new Infor clients well, especially because of the substantial best practices knowledge they bring to the table. And because retention has been so good, clients have benefitted from the ability to go back to their original resources regularly, long after the original go-live date.

In addition, we have found that almost every client organization witnesses a natural change in their workforce over time, as some employees leave and new employees are brought onboard. Often the new employees receive limited training and lack the required experience and expertise in Infor ERP solution. Even many long-time employees don’t realize that there may be new options for addressing old tasks, and then there are frequent product enhancements from Infor. In these circumstances, many organizations find that they may not be capitalizing on the full spectrum of the Infor CloudSuite solutions. Through relatively short system review projects, we have found that we can frequently identify some quick wins and then help plot out long-term strategies to help clients take full advantage of the software’s capabilities.

At Kinsey, we are focused on being the very best at helping clients automate, grow, and transform their organization through process optimization by providing experienced and innovative IT consulting and development services

Besides providing consultancy services for Infor, what are the additional services that your firm offers?

Kinsey has developed a proprietary set of applications for both Lawson S3 and Landmark that provide additional functionality in the area of Infor security and auditing for enforceable actions. Our suite of deliverables with a security dashboard has gained momentum among many Infor Lawson clients. Kinsey’s security reporting, security auditing, and segregation of duties (SoD) applications are powerful tools used to monitor and validate user security in Infor Lawson. Users can build custom inquiries to track important information and set up automatic email notifications within the application. The robust SoD application provides users with a library of over two hundred policies using 2,500 rules, built specifically for Infor Lawson by our certified consultants. Additionally, Kinsey’s Activity Monitor and Transaction applications track and audit user activity in the Infor applications. This added functionality allows auditors to view critical data changes or validate who are creating, deleting or viewing specific transactions.

What is the business philosophy that is driving Kinsey forward and how does the road ahead look like for Kinsey?

We believe that a specialized approach is the linchpin of successful system implementation, and this has proven to be especially true in the public sector. Our ability to help organizations revamp operations and successfully adopt new workflows and technologies resides in our extensive experience in performing a wide array of organizational transformations. Based on this accumulated experience, we feel that we can implement projects more efficiently and at a lower cost than most of our competitors while making tangible differences across an enterprise. As Infor continues to enhance and bundle applications as part of CloudSuite, we will focus on the full spectrum of those bundled applications and work to provide both new and existing clients with all that CloudSuite has to offer.


Glen Ellyn, IL

Dan Kinsey, President and Brad Kinsey, CEO

Kinsey has been offering clients a broad range of expertise in fields like financials, human resources, procurement, payroll, budgeting, manufacturing, planning, distribution, and more. Their system consultants and application experts can bring tangible results to the client organization. Kinsey can take the business to a whole new level of performance by driving the budgeting and planning strategy, streamlining the financial system, or helping the distribution network to deliver on time. By blending industry-leading applications, expert consulting services, and proven technology platforms, Kinsey provides a complete solution needed to remain competitive in the marketplace