KIO Networks: The GoTo IT Critical Mission Company

CIO VendorSergio Rosengaus, CEO The industry is fast-paced; in constant evolution where Information Technology service providers becoming more competitive. This dynamic has only given another chance for the Mexican IT critical mission company, KIO Networks to demonstrate the reason they are number one in America, thanks to its offering of high availability services. It motivates the firm to keep up with the rhythm of large global companies. “The increasing business dynamics in Latin America is under pressure for competing in global markets and an impressive demand for integrated solutions running in high availability data centers along with IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions, allowing businesses to rapidly adopt all technology innovations in mobility, big data analytics, transformations to cloud and virtualized environments and hence gain competitive and elastic cost structures. All this paint points are resolved and efficiently responded by KIO Networks,” adds Sergio Rosengaus, CEO of the company.

KIO Networks is ranked as one of most important service IT providers in Mexico. It integrates the most complete offering of IT services.
The firm's strategy is to operate and maintain mission-critical infrastructure and applications in very robust and high-availability data centers in Latin America.It aims to be the most reliable partner for its clients in the IT industry by providing innovative, agile, consistent and customized mission-critical services while constantly maintaining flexibility in operations. KIO Networks is very well positioned by investing heavily in infrastructure, market research and trying to stay ahead of technology cycles.

The Company’s Offerings

The company delivers solutions that are completely agnostic in terms of equipment and telecommunications, which allow an objective integration to focus on its clients’ current issues. Its ample service and integral solution portfolio is provided for both the public and the private sector. Some of them include Mission critical Data Centers, Mobile data centers, Complex Managed Hosting and Colocation for Mission Critical Services;IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services for many vertical industries;Ultra Low Latency Services for Proximity Hosting Solutions, Internet Exchange Point Infrastructure amongst others.

The firm’s culture plays a big part of differentiating it from large international IT players. “We provide a very flexible and committed service to our clients, making it simple to do business with us, but having equal or even tougher service levels (SLA’s) than our international counterparts. Since we started, we decided that we wanted to deploy the highest SLA’s available in the market and we have been doing so ever since, adds Sergio. He goes on to say “Also, I consider that one of the strengths of KIO Networks stays in constant growth and territorial expansion, taking its services to countries with a strategic, geographic and commercial location.”
Day by day, KIO Networks innovates in cutting-edge solutions and products, strengthening its offer on critical mission Data Centers, assuring its leadership in Latin America as information technology provider by covering its clients’ needs in a unique and differentiated way.

KIO’s Focus

The financial industry is one of the most dynamic but in general:energy, education, human and health services industries are dynamical enough to generate an average of above 20% annually.

KIO Networks will also expand the reach to middle market and will focus on creation of massive ecosystems that generates more leverage, more scale and hence more benefit to business communities in public and private sectors for democratized markets in small and medium operations with a complete Enterprise Cloud Hosting and Open Stack solutions, with the most comprehensive and advanced automation, broad access, self-service, security, data protection, backup, elasticity, rapid aggregation and warrantee SLA, for private, community, hybrid and public cloud services.

The management team at KIO will continue with the company’s plans to expand its data center locations in Latin America, operating now data centers Tier IV in Panama, Guatemala, Dominican Republic as well as the construction of a data center in Spain. The local data centers will serve primarily the local industry and governments but also serve as "nodes" for the "pan-regional" cloud offering that they are continuing to grow, as well as analytical services of predictability and business intelligence with the firm’s Big Data offering.

KIO Networks

Cuajimalpa, México

Sergio Rosengaus, CEO

A provider of high degree technological integration from the data center and infrastructure to the platform, software and business process as a service "SaaS", globally