KISTERS North America: Replacing Legacy Systems With Custom-Configurable Solutions

Klaus Kisters, CEO
In the data management solution industry, there’s an inclination to use the term “customized” as a selling point. It infers that a company or agency wouldn’t want an off-the-shelf product along with the depth and breadth of its accompanying service package because it won’t meet their needs like a custom solution would.

KISTERS, founded in 1963 and headquartered in Aachen Germany with their North American headquarters in Citrus Heights CA, believes that customers might find some hidden costs when they opt for a custom solution—such as exorbitant “development” charges and change orders, as well as a stretched-out timeline for the deliverables they have purchased. KISTERS, a company focused on water resources management, resource optimization, energy market systems, air quality management and 3D CAD visualization, has always been able to “custom-configure”their solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer.

KISTERS ‘top priority is listening to their customers’ needs and concerns. It tries to create solutions for the problems before the challenges become (seemingly) insurmountable problems. The firm takes part in conferences worldwide to get updated about new industry trends and to secure knowledge in science and environmental topics. A consistent dedication to a Research and Development (R&D) budget enables the firm to convert the strategy into useable products and to surpass all the hurdles.

The highly advanced products of KISTERS are frequently brought in to replace agencies’ or companies’ legacy systems. KISTERS has been designing and delivering data management software for more than three decades. Their signature solutions, like WISKI and Hydstra for water data management, Belvis for energy data management, ResOpt for resource optimization and 3D ViewStation for efficient visualization of 3D CAD models in the manufacturing and design sectors has placed the company in a pinnacle position among its competitors.

The firm provides innovative high-capacity scalable systems

“We see the greatest traction of our solution set in the field of resource optimization as organizations try to do more with the limited resources they have at hand,” says, Klaus Kisters, CEO. KISTERS regard its clientele – a wide range of globally acclaimed companies— as its biggest asset. The client list is comprised of manufacturing heavy weights like ArcelorMittal and Johnson Controls, water management agencies like the New York Department of Environmental Protection, City of Philadelphia,and Ontario Clean Water Agency, and energy producers like Southern California Edison, and Manitoba Hydro.

TransAlta, a large power generator in Alberta- Canada, was looking for a robust solution which has the ability to provide an optimized day-ahead schedule for their energy production. KISTERS’ optimization module called ResOpt helped them to maximize the energy production, thereby enabling the utility to sell more power. “Without KISTERS’ ResOpt, we would not have achieved the target, it made our task easy and comfortable,” says the Project Manager, TransAlta.

KISTERS is hovering for growth, acquisition, and innovation in all product areas and has recently leaped into the U.S. manufacturing market. The company is on the verge of expanding by diversifying into industries besides water and energy. The firm aims to advance in environmental management efficiency to increase organization returns by reducing costs and easing activity control. KISTERS works hard to be a much more service oriented firm than its competitors, to sustain and raise its business.

KISTERS North America

Citrus Heights, CA

Klaus Kisters, CEO

Focuses on water resources management, resource optimization,energy market systems, air quality management,3D CAD visualization