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Ryan Peatt, Chief Product Officer
As digital technologies permeate education, academic institutions are partnering with more technology vendors than ever before to meet the learning and training needs of their students and staff. This rampant proliferation of digital assets is paving the way for new problems. CIOs, IT decision-makers, and procurement teams at institutions are daunted by the challenges of managing and distributing digital resources and optimizing associated costs. Moreover, the lack of transparency in software licensing and asset management due to decentralized management and shadow IT is creating concerns related to security, compliance, and data integrity. This situation begs several questions. How do we know which digital resources are being used the most? How can institutions procure those resources in a cost-effective way? And how do they ensure optimal and secure delivery of those resources to students and faculty?

Kivuto is on a mission to solve these problems for academic institutions. With 20 years of experience focused solely on education, Kivuto has designed its Kivuto Cloud platform to meet the highly specific needs of that industry. “Beyond just offering software licenses, our vendor-neutral solution helps clients centrally manage academic resources, including those procured from both solution providers directly and from resellers, in a customized manner,” says Ryan Peatt, Chief Product Officer of Kivuto.

Kivuto Cloud provides users with tailored access to academic offerings from different vendors (such as Microsoft, Adobe, and IBM). Complex business terms are made easy to manage with flexible, customizable, user-based policy enforcement. Digital tools can be managed and distributed to end-users directly through the solution. Students, educators, and staff can authenticate easily and are automatically shown the digital resources they are eligible to access. Flexible payment options built into the solution allow users to complete transactions and start using assets quickly and easily. CIOs and IT teams can track license adoption rates to inform future procurement decisions.

Thousands of academic institutions around the world have already benefited from Kivuto Cloud in different capacities. For example, one Kivuto client was facing challenges managing Adobe licenses. Despite having a preferred vendor and an existing set of licensing rules and policies for Adobe specifically, many departments at the institution had independently purchased Adobe Creative Cloud licenses. Procurement and central IT had little visibility into these purchases, nor into product consumption, as they were happening in isolation, department by department.

Beyond just offering software licenses, our solution helps academic institutions centrally manage, distribute and report on user adoption for all of their digital resources, in a customized manner

Kivuto helped the college automate the management by implementing their preferred solution in a centralized, institution-wide licensing model. Since then, students, faculty, and staff have been instantly accessing their tools without having to wait for the administration to intervene. On the other hand, the institution recovered the software license costs by having the staff members pay via internal billing codes for using the software. And by centralizing digital-resource management with Kivuto Cloud, the institution avoided duplication costs, reduced the overall cost per license for end-users, increased usage of those licenses, and saved IT and procurement time and effort.

As pedagogy modernizes and includes more digital resources, identity and access management models are evolving from traditional key-based licensing to named-user licenses managed via the cloud. This places a large burden on administrators, as they have to manage the unique user profile of potentially thousands of users. It also creates risk, as more effort and diligence are required to secure personal data and enforce usage and eligibility restrictions.

Kivuto’s cloud-based solution serves as a trusted gateway for students, staff, and faculty to access digital resources without the IT burden of having to manage and guard user profiles. Users have to choose to share their personally identifiable information with resource vendors—a good thing in a time of heightened sensitivity regarding compliance and privacy.

Kivuto Cloud is built for education. The solution focuses on meeting the complex needs of the industry, providing the agility, compliance protections, and insights that academic institutions need.

Kivuto Solutions News

Kivuto Launches IBM SPSS Campus Edition Embedded Solution

OTTAWA, ON - Kivuto, a Canadian EdTech company with over 20 years of experience serving academic institutions, is pleased to announce the launch of the SPSS Campus Edition Powered by Kivuto® Cloud. This solution makes IBM SPSS software available to university and college students across campuses through Kivuto Cloud, and gives campus IT departments an agile and effective way to manage their SPSS licenses.

Now, institutions with IBM SPSS Campus Edition licenses no longer have to determine their own solution to manage the licenses, generate ROI, and ensure compliance with business rules. Kivutos embedded solution unlocks agile options and functionality that enable campus IT departments to customize how they provision access to SPSS licenses, and maximize the value and ROI of SPSS Campus Edition.

Kivuto enhances SPSS Campus Edition in a number of ways, including:

• License Distribution for Campus or Home Use: Institutions that offer SPSS software can leverage Kivutos industry-leading distribution platform to provision access for both on-campus and home use. Kivuto Cloud provides end users with secure individual keys for home use, and the platforms business-rules engine ensures compliance with campus terms and conditions.

• Program Management: Kivuto Cloud provides a single resource through which to deploy and procure licenses, monitor adoption, and restrict access to eligible users.

• Cost Optimization: Kivuto Cloud enables schools to maximize the ROI of SPSS Campus Edition. Secure, turnkey e-commerce makes it easy for institutions to recover licensing costs for SPSS software through online payments and interdepartmental settlements.

• End-User Support: Kivuto provides full end-user support in multiple languages.

Using Kivuto Cloud to manage campus SPSS licenses offers a number of benefits to post-secondary IT departments, including secure license distribution, easy self-service access, access to on-demand reports on adoption rates and compliance, automated delivery, and much more, said Davide Di Labio, Vice President of Sales at Kivuto. We are pleased to be able to offer university and college IT departments access to this integrated solution, and to enable them to more effectively manage SPSS Campus Edition within their institutions.

Kivuto Announces Availability of Newest Release of Minitab Statistical Software with Cloud Capabilities

Latest version of Minitab will be available exclusively at OnTheHub for the academic market

Ottawa, ON -
“Kivuto, a leading provider of digital solutions for the education industry, announced today the availability of Minitab Statistical Software: Cloud App / Windows Desktop from OnTheHub.

The launch of the newest version of Minitab Statistical Software now allows users to make better, faster, and easier data driven decisions anywhere with the power of the cloud. Users can securely access the most powerful statistical software in the market from anywhere - whether working from home or the office “ to analyze data and share insights with lightning speed thanks to new cloud capabilities. More than 4,000 colleges and universities worldwide use Minitab software to make teaching and learning statistics easy.

OnTheHub is Kivutos open online marketplace for academic discounts on software, eBooks, and other digital resources. A top source of student savings, OnTheHub allows students, faculty, and other academic stakeholders to acquire software at a fraction of retail price and saves schools the cost of licensing that software themselves.

Jeffrey T. Slovin, Chief Executive Officer of Minitab, said. For nearly 50 years, Minitab has been committed to its roots in the academic community by providing best-in-class statistical software. As this market continues to evolve, Minitab is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of academic institutions. Now, with Minitab available on the cloud, administrators, professors and students alike can access Minitab anywhere, anytime and from any device to support all instructional models.

Minitab is the market leader in data analysis and data transformation solutions and is the gold standard solution offered by educational institutions worldwide, said Mark McKenzie, CEO at Kivuto. We have been offering Minitab to academic institutions through OnTheHub over 20 years and know the latest version will be well-received by the academic community.

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Ontario, Canada

Ryan Peatt, Chief Product Officer

Kivuto Solutions is committed to improving student success through education technology for over 20 years. Its mission is to simplify and accelerate how institutions and organizations go digital for a more powerful and accessible tomorrow. As the pioneer of advanced digital distribution solutions, it simplifies the process of delivering any digital goods to any market under virtually any terms and conditions. Its hosted, flexible and scalable solutions are used by software publishers, content owners, resellers, public and private institutions who require flexible, secure, and scalable business-to-business (B2B), or business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) distribution channels to market

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