KM2 Solutions: Efficient Outsourcing Services Closer to Home

David B. Kreiss, President & CEO
With his management experience at major corporations like Citibank and American Express, as well as pioneering the consolidation of the AR Management and Customer Care BPO industries at Outsourcing Solutions Inc. (OSI), David Kreiss, the President and CEO of KM2 Solutions, is no stranger to providing companies with the tools they need to excel. In fact, KM2 is exactly that: a provider of outsourceable business services and solutions available to companies so that they can focus on their core operations.

KM2 started in 2004 on the island of St. Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean. Given the island’s proximity to the U.S., the company was able to connect to a fiber network cable that ran directly to Miami, Florida. The ease of access inspired KM2 to provide clients with outsourcing services closer to home, instead of miles away in locations such as India or the Philippians. Outsourcing closer to home also makes systems more reliable and removes many of the communication and cultural gaps found elsewhere. Since its inception, the company has expanded to multiple sites within the Caribbean and Latin America, and has developed infrastructure from a single T1 line to an incredibly robust and redundant MPLS network.

The MPLS network system operates by sending data, such as phone calls, to a POP hub in Miami, and it is reinforced by a redundant network at the company’s IT hub in Columbus, Ohio. If anything happens to the Miami line, such as a cable breaking, the calls can be rerouted from one MPLS to another, which means the service never goes down. The 100 percent uptime has resulted in clients achieving cost savings and better reliability.

KM2 Solutions offers services to almost any industry including companies within the retail, technology, finance, healthcare, telecommunication, hospitality, consumer goods, automotive, and utility sectors. Furthermore, they provide clients with a host of different solutions including customer service, receivables management, technical support, sales and marketing, data analytics, and back office processing.

You have to have all the pieces ready to respond to any client’s need, providing solutions for any business or function, not just part of it

KM2 is also compliant with different industry standards that include HIPAA, FDCPA, PCI DSS, TCFAPA, and FCRA. Mr. Kreiss stated, “You have to have all the pieces ready to respond to any client’s need, providing solutions for any business or function, not just part of it.”

As an example, a major auto finance company came to KM2 looking for a low-cost solution to make outbound welcome calls to new customers. KM2 was assigned 15 agents to handle this task. As the agents quickly demonstrated excellent skill, 25 more agents were added. Today there are over 600 agents fielding various functions for this client. This significant focus on quality and performance makes KM2 unique.

In another case, a CEO of a major telecom company visited a KM2 office that was fielding the client’s customer services calls. As the CEO sat with the representative to listen alongside, he became so impressed by how the representative calmed customers down and found timely solutions that he requested triple the agent headcount for the project that day. Clients are looking to maintain their customers by giving them the best customer service available. KM2 excels at this.

The focus for KM2 will always be on quality, performance, and breadth of services while maintaining low costs, transparency, and ease of mind for clients. That way, a client can focus on what is important to them, and leave the rest in good hands.

KM2 Solutions

New York, NY

David B. Kreiss, President & CEO

KM2 Solutions offers a suite of business services that support clients in various industries at contact center locations in the Caribbean and Latin America

KM2 Solutions