Knockout Gaming : A Frontrunner in Delivering Innovative iGaming Solutions

With the surge in the online gaming industry, today’s gaming enthusiasts expect only the highest quality of online gambling portals, making way for advanced gaming software technologies. In the wake of this market shift, Knockout Gaming is at the forefront in regulated online gaming, or iGaming, technologies by providing custom designed gaming platforms to operators targeting large audiences. Knockout Gaming offers turnkey solutions that strike a perfect balance between the scalability of the cloud and the security of traditional server technologies. While regulatory compliance is a major challenge, player protection, system resilience, payment processing, and transactional integrity are some of the complex and important problems that CIOs face in the industry.

Addressing these challenges with its innovative technological solutions, Gray Knight, CEO of Knockout Gaming says, “Our integrated approach keeps our system performance at its best, while complying with the license requirements.”

“We work very hard to develop close relationships with our white label operators so we can contribute directly to their success,” adds Knight. Either by creating custom site templates for each operator or providing them enhanced services such as marketing and creative support, the company assists the casino operators in every possible way. “Each of our operators’ sites looks distinctly different and is customized to their target market,” remarks Knight.

Knockout Gaming is licensed with the United Kingdom and Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commissions. “The high quality games offered on Knockout's Platform are licensed to take bets from players in most lucrative and fastest growing regulated jurisdictions in the world,” Knight states. Driven by a singular goal to maximize their clients’ revenue, Knockout Gaming delivers a state-of-art technology that provides the best digital gaming experience. Also, as CIOs are challenged to use the data collected from player behavior,Knockout Gaming customizes the player’s experience using real-time communication and recommendation engines that push personalized, relevant content and encourage gameplay.

Having established a brand of its own, the company’s services go beyond online casinos. Knockout operates a number of other companies within the gaming and entertainment industries.

We are the partner you can trust to deliver the very best in casino, poker, sports betting, and other white label casino solutions

Combined with extensive and diverse selection of multi-lingual and multicurrency games, 3D slots, sportsbook, poker, live dealers, table games, bingo, and binary options trading—Knockout Gaming provides an incredibly robust platform. Acknowledging the fact that mobile accessibility is gaining importance among players, the company offers a broad selection of phone and tablet friendly games including slots, poker, live dealers and table games. Its wide range of mobile content enables operators to reach the largest target audience.

“Almost every aspect of the industry is in a constant state of change or growth,” cites Knight. Operators must be acutely aware of the countless number of issues that can affect their business such as technology, regulations, licenses, fraud preventions, and payment processing. Supported by an experienced operations team, Knockout Gaming prides itself on effectively managing large fluctuations in player traffic with ease, void of any downtime.

Knight further observes, “One of the most exciting trends affecting the industry is the increase in demand for engaging content.” As the bigwigs in the industry are heavily investing in branded content, players will very soon see more games based on their favorite TV shows, movies, brands, and celebrities. Incorporating the latest trends, “In 2016, you will see us launch ground breaking gaming technologies with an increasing focus on expanding and improving customer experience,” he concludes.

Knockout Gaming

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