Knosys: Crafting a Repository of Knowledge

John Thompson, CEO
Market consolidations and client-driven demands have accelerated a shift towards knowledge work automation and collaboration within organizations, urging them to infuse advanced technologies and integrate valuable know-how into their core business activities and processes. With a modern approach of linking existing knowledge assets, understanding their contextual relevance, and giving users a fast and easy way to find what they need, Knosys is leading the transformation wave. By providing a web-enabled, and enterprise-grade platform to author, collate and disseminate high-value content within their organization, Knosys is at the helm of improving organizational decision making and business outcomes.

“Knosys aims to link the right person with the right information quickly and easily, reducing the wasted effort that is often spent by staff hunting for the right document, or the most up to date version,” adds John Thompson, CEO, Knosys. The solution also provides an organization with feedback tools to easily communicate with content owners and subject matter experts—making collaboration around high-value content simple and efficient. Through its unique security model, Knosys controls content dissemination to end users, reducing the noise that’s created from the thousands of new pieces of content each day and ensuring users have the information they need at their fingertips.

Unlike many other vendors in the Knowledge Management space, Knosys doesn’t focus solely on presenting content in the traditional, document or article-like format. Knosys includes process guidance tools in the form of wizards and flows that allow users to step through or visualize processes and for authors and organizations to link steps or sections of these processes with content from within the knowledge repository. “Users not only get a high-fidelity view of the process or procedure but are also linked to relevant guides, notes, articles or procedures to allow them to quickly and easily act upon the steps in the process,” states Thompson. Knosys can also capture user input along the way and report back to process owners on process completions and data captured.

Knosys aims to link the right person with the right information quickly and easily, reducing wasted effort

At Knosys, an initial engagement typically focuses on a small section of the larger business—an area focused on direct customer engagement such as an organization's call center or branch network. Knosys works with the client to implement the solution and aids in the initial process of information architecture definition. Deployment usually occurs on-premises or as a deployment into an organizations preferred cloud vendor and Knosys works with the customer's internal IT to deploy the solution; this is made quick and easy as Knosys is designed to easily integrate into an organization's existing Microsoft Windows environment and Active Directory. Knosys’ process modelling and guidance tools features allow front-line staff to access the right organizational policy or process quickly and step through complex processes with minimal training, which results in high-quality outcomes for both the business and its customers.

In an instance, Knosys software was implemented by a large financial organization, principally across the front-line areas of their business. The key problem they faced was that employees tended to turn over frequently, which resulted in increased training costs and reduced customer satisfaction. By implementing Knosys software, storing process information and systems guides within the Knosys platform, and disseminating this information, the firm was able to reduce their new staff’s training time by nearly 50 percent and at the same time, reduce call transfers in their call center by a further 25 percent.

Over the years, Knosys has assisted many of its prestigious clients in empowering their employees with the right information, ensuring that an organization’s employees are always presenting customers with accurate and consistent information— and becoming the single source of truth for organizational knowledge.


Melbourne, Australia

John Thompson, CEO

Knosys provides a knowledge platform for better customer service by ensuring that employees are always presenting customers with accurate and correct information