Knovation Solutions: Remedy for New-Age Cyber Threats

William Hardie, Managing Director
Remote work was unquestionably transforming the dynamics of the global business landscape over the past few years before becoming a norm in the post-pandemic world. At the same time, hackers also have more opportunities to target applications in the public domain used by remote working employees to publish a broad spectrum of information. It puts companies and their organizational assets at risk of data infringements, which can tarnish their business reputation in no time.

While the market is replete with cyber security solutions aimed at safeguarding remote employees and their devices from these multivariate threats, strategic partnerships with top cyber security companies, coupled with unparalleled technical prowess, sets Knovation Solutions apart from other players. Knovation Solutions offers numerous cyber security products that successfully secure the remote user and the applications and devices they access against all forms of cyberattacks.

“Based on the effect of our partnerships with eminent cyber security product vendors and in-house technical expertise, we offer an advanced suite of solutions that enable companies to secure organizational assets that remote-work employees access daily,” says William Hardie, managing director of Knovation Solutions.

Forming business ties with some of the most promising cyber security product vendors that continually invest in securing corporate resources for remote-work employees, Knovation Solutions accesses a scope of groundbreaking cyber security tools and applications that helps it stay up-to-date with the latest security protocols and tackle the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats.

In the wake of newly incorporated data protection laws in South Africa, like the protection of personal information act (POPIA), Knovation Solutions deploys the expertise of its highly-skilled technical team to keep an individual’s data away from a cyber criminal’s grasp.
Depending on the severity of a cybersecurity or data infringement threat, its team, with a collective experience of around 50 years in the South African IT space, can remotely support, troubleshoot, and provide security solutions from their headquarters.

Gaining widespread recognition for its cutting-edge solutions backed by enduring partnerships with cyber security solution vendors, Knovation Solutions has spurred countless success stories in South Africa’s remote working landscape. A case in point is when Knovation Solutions proactively managed about 10,000 corporate-issued devices for one of the largest banking institutions in South Africa, securing a steadily increasing number of devices yearly while complying with all region specific regulatory guidelines.

Based on the combined effect of our partnerships with eminent cyber security product vendors and in-house technical expertise, we offer an advanced suite of solutions that enable companies to secure organizational assets that remote-working employees access daily

Having acquired an expansive customer base across 13 countries in the Southern African IT space, including Mauritius and Seychelles, comprising auditing firms, financial institutions, and more, Knovation Solutions is relentless. It will continue building on its strong business partnerships and outstanding technical efficiency to develop solutions that will set new standards in securing remote working environments. Knovation Solutions plans to move forward with the sole aim of helping organizations create the perfect work-from-anywhere model with increased flexibility, mobility, and security.

Knovation Solutions

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

William Hardie, Managing Director

Knovation Solutions assures digital security and protection to remote-work employees of companies that are using endpoint devices, whether personal or corporate-owned. It provides a broad spectrum of security solutions with the help of software vendors and best-of-breed product offerings by cyber security companies.

Knovation Solutions