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Chintan Mehta,Co-Founder
Startups and small businesses are showing rapid growth. To stay updated with trending technologies—IoT, cloud and DevOps, and enterprise portals, these growing companies are engaging with multiple IT service providers for their various needs. As a result, consulting with numerous IT vendors for different needs becomes hectic for these growing startups, and increases the cost and duration of the projects. “To stay ahead of the competition, startups look for partners who can be their ‘One Stop Technology Solution Provider’,” begins Chintan Mehta, Co-Founder, KNOWARTH Technologies. “We intend to be that ‘One Stop Solution Provider’ for startups and SMEs by assisting them in technology consulting, software prototyping, software development and technical support.”

KNOWARTH Technologies is an IT technologies and consulting firm which specializes in product development, IT services, and software practices to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness of its client’s business processes. The company’s comprehensive knowledge and expertise includes Service Oriented Architecture, Open Source Portal Consulting, Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Enterprise Portals, E-Commerce and Cloud Computing. “We also have been designing and developing intuitive solutions for our clients looking for IOT solutions and DevOps,” explains Mehta. “With deep expertise in software architecture and tools, our dedicated consulting team for the DevOps platform ensures use of agile and industry standard development processes and methodologies.”

The company has extensive experience in providing its solutions to its clients in various verticals like telecom, healthcare, finance, insurance, media and more. Some of KNOWARTH’s services include remote infrastructure management, portal development, performance tuning, e-commerce portal development, and enterprise mobility. KNOWARTH’s remote infrastructure management team focuses on improving the existing service levels via remote support by monitoring and managing the infrastructure, ensuring high uptime and high availability through proactive and reactive measures.

Our company always works as a partner with the clients rather than being a typical vendor

This solution focuses on radically reducing the total cost of ownership and achieving maximum ROI by helping organizations strengthen against IT downtime and loss of productivity with optimal performance.

“Our company always works as a partner with the clients rather than being a typical vendor,” says Mehta. “We understand the pain points, gather the requirements, and then design the solution based on that.” In one instance, one of KNOWARTH’s clients wanted a one stop cost effective ERP solution for small/mid-size business organizations. The client insisted on having an open source platform that consisted of features and functionalities like CRM, Accounts, Inventories, HR management, and more. KNOWARTH provided an efficient SAAS based Cloud ERP solution with end to end flow, multi-tenant/client support with data security, enhanced warehouse management, and manufacturing features with ease of BOM and work orders. KNOWARTH also implemented customized configurable and intuitive dashboard framework for executives of the clients.

KNOWARTH’s “one-stop-solution” approach has helped many of its clients in implementing an end to end solution. The company adopts multiple open-source technologies to provide solutions to their clients and also seeks client feedback at various stages—from design to support— and improves based on their inputs and suggestions. KNOWARTH has always taken a top-down approach while hiring in the organization and has given freedom to its senior members to choose their teams. “We have grown exponentially in the last 2 years—300 percent growth in human capital and 250 percent growth in annual revenue, and have good presence in the international market, especially in the U.S., Europe, and Middle East,” concludes Mehta. “In the future, we are looking to expand further in the U.S. and Europe, with the target of an annual revenue growth of 200 percent.”

KNOWARTH Technologies


Chintan Mehta,Co-Founder and Amij Patel, Gaurav Barot and Samir Bhatt, Co-Founders

Provides consulting, requirement analysis, architecture, design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance of enterprise systems solutions

KNOWARTH Technologies