Knowledge Anywhere: Knowledge Transfer Technology- From Design to Delivery

Charlie Gillette, President & CEO
Today, more and more organizations are opting for eLearning technologies owing to manifold benefits like cost effectiveness, flexibility, the ability to disseminate training to geographically dispersed audiences, and a reduction in classroom time. According to research by Global Industry Analysts, eLearning is predicted to have a global market reach of $168.8 billion by 2018. With eLearning making such advancements, Knowledge Anywhere strives to help customers close knowledge gaps within their organization for unprecedented growth. The company offers eLearning and support solutions that assist firms in employee training, customer education, sales readiness, and channel enablement. Comprising ready-to-use business courses and agile software products and services, Knowledge Anywhere is the one-stop shop for all e-learning, training, and development needs. For seamless delivery of online training, consultants at Knowledge Anywhere possess a comprehensive understanding of the Learning Management System (LMS); which is now creating a significant impact on firms looking at educating their workforce.

“What most CIOs want is a single cloud based LMS that can easily integrate with their SAP/CRM systems while meeting the needs of their learners,” remarks Charlie Gillette, President and CEO, Knowledge Anywhere. The company’s customizable LMS platform provides an interactive user interface that facilitates active, hands-on learning. To track effectiveness and facilitate CIOs in translating knowledge into action, Knowledge Anywhere recently designed a solution within their LMS, which provides a dashboard view from a training perspective. Keeping in line with current technology trends, Knowledge Anywhere’s LMS also supports social media integration where learners can easily interact with each other during courses or anytime thereafter.
Always helping clients maximize proficiency from their LMS, Knowledge Anywhere believes in thoroughly examining certain factors in a client’s existing system before prescribing a switch in LMS.

CIO Checklist for LMS Selection

1. Is it cloud-based?

2. What type of ongoing support is needed by IT?

3. Can the LMS integrate with other systems?

4. What are the initial and ongoing costs?

5. Is the LMS provider a stable organization?

“Sometimes, the problem can also transpire from a lack of relevant or engaging content; and in that case, inducing outdated content in a new LMS will not result in higher rates of adoption,” explains Gillette. “Our core motive is to spot the organizational challenge and deploy solutions accordingly for enhanced productivity, ROI, and knowledge transfer,” he adds. As transformative shifts like mobile learning shape the future of technology, Knowledge Anywhere is focusing on developing mobile compatibility, cross platform compatibility, and video streaming for the utmost customer benefit. Leveraging the latest technology trends, like streaming media, a Learning Record Store, and image recognition, the company is looking at employing more effective ways of learner engagement. “We realize that the learner of today is the performer of tomorrow and we will continue to provide cutting edge technology, paving the way for a next generation LMS,” quips Gillette. Strengthening their integration services is also on the charts for the company.

Knowledge Anywhere

Bellevue, WA

Charlie Gillette, President & CEO

Provides eLearning solutions that include a Learning Management System, Course Builder, and Consulting Services to maximize effectiveness of training programs.