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Ron Cameron, CEO
According to a report released by Markets and Markets, the managed services market will swell from $180.5 billion last year to $282 billion by 2023. These statistics represent the growing need for enterprises in various fields for managed services. This growth in demand has even penetrated the area of Content Services in recent years. Organizations today face great difficulties to stay current. They must have on-premise software or move it to the cloud. Both choices require a deep learning curve. Staff needs to be retrained, and all integrations are required to be redone. Several emerging enterprises are offering smooth transition services so that companies can focus on their respective fields. KnowledgeLake is one such enterprise that provides managed services along with a cloud platform specifically focused on Content Services.

Two decades ago, KnowledgeLake set out to make Microsoft SharePoint better at processing transactional content. In 2003, they released their first document-processing solution built on the SharePoint platform. Today KnowledgeLake is a fully managed service that helps its clients move their legacy ECM applications to the cloud, dramatically lowering costs and increasing efficiency in the process. It handles everything for a client: It helps them migrate their documents to the cloud, perform all necessary software configurations including capture, RPA, workflow, and repository - without requiring any IT administration. “We think of ourselves as the Amazon of the content services marketplace,” says Ron Cameron, KnowledgeLake CEO, “We’re the first mover in our market with a fully managed service offering. I believe our business model represents a fresh new approach to content services which allows our clients to focus on their business instead of administering software and servers.”

The KnowledgeLake Platform is an entirely cloud-based service that requires no on-premise software. The service includesdocument capture that is based on AI and machine learning, in addition to Robotic Process Automation (RPA), workflow, and a content repository based on Microsoft Azure—coming together to form the robust KnowledgeLake solution.

We think of ourselves as the “Amazon” of the Content Services marketplace

Common workloads for KnowledgeLake are accounts payable processing, new account onboarding, loan processing, case management, and many diverse document processing applications for government entities.

The companyis a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, which is then optionally fully managed for its end-users. Whenitcomestoclients, KnowledgeLake’s clientele is formed through its partners—most notably ofwhich includes Microsoft, who they’ve enjoyed an almost two-decade long partnership with. KnowledgeLake’s partners bring KnowledgeLake’s solutions to their client bases. New KnowledgeLake customers are put through a rapid onboarding process which makes them productive in days or weeks instead of the normal 3-6 month project implementation timeframe that is common in the content services industry.

Included among KnowledgeLake’s customer base is Washington University in St. Louis, one they’ve enjoyed a 20- year relationship with. KnowledgeLake’s content management services are leveraged by thousands of users in many diverse departments across the university. KnowledgeLake and the university are currently migrating their content from on-premise SharePoint to an Azure-based repository to ease the administrative burden and associated costs of on-premise servers. All-in-all, the current phase of the project has been a success.

Recently, Microsoft launched a brand-new project called Project Cortex, which adds AI and machine learning capabilities to Azure and its suites. The software uses its AI engine to suggest pieces of information that are relevant to the content on which the user is working. KnowledgeLake has been named a Microsoft Cortex Launch Partner. Integrating Cortex with their platform will allow KnowledgeLake to provide better content services to their clients—and, they hope, aid in them their quest to become the “Amazon” of content services.

KnowledgeLake News

Vantage Bank Texas Makes the Move to the KnowledgeLake Cloud

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI: Vantage Bank Texas, long-time KnowledgeLake client, has made the transition to the KnowledgeLake Cloud. The KnowledgeLake Cloud platform is a full-stack, end-to-end platform for capture, content, and process services. In addition to being fast and simple to administer, the KnowledgeLake Cloud platform boasts consumption-driven licensing and eliminates the need for tedious manual updates. Vantage Bank Texas is currently employing the KnowledgeLake cloud in their compliance, underwriting, operations, and lending departments, with plans to deploy the solution in their treasury department.

Danny Knudsen, Vice President and Solution Design & Development Director of Vantage Bank Texas, says that they were first intrigued to move to the KnowledgeLake Cloud when they heard of KnowledgeLake’s transition to a cloud-first offering. Speaking of the transition to the KnowledgeLake cloud, Knudsen says:

“We want to be able to take advantage of the latest functionality as soon as we can, especially as it pertains to API integrations. We are going through our own internal transitions to the cloud, and the KnowledgeLake Cloud fit into those initiatives very nicely.”

“Transitioning to the KnowledgeLake Cloud will allow us to offload infrastructure support and customize integrations with KnowledgeLake through the API,” Knudsen says. “The KnowledgeLake Cloud has provided us with an easy, and standardized, way for our users to get many documents imaged, indexed, and stored in our ECM system. We have found the KnowledgeLake systems to be very reliable and the support to be extremely responsive.”

Mark Oman, KnowledgeLake Vice President of Sales, said:

“We’ve seen amazing growth in KnowledgeLake customers who have made the transition to the KnowledgeLake Cloud. The KnowledgeLake Cloud enables organizations to be nimbler and more efficient thanks to its scalability and easy-to-use end user experience. We anticipate that Vantage Bank Texas will continue to experience great success with the KnowledgeLake Cloud.”


Creve Coeur, MO

Ron Cameron, CEO and Brad Porter, CTO

KnowledgeLake provides its customers with a PaaS cloud platform as a part of their managed services. Its fully managed services help the client migrate data to the cloud, perform necessary software configurations, define jobs that need automation, capture and store documents, and various other things. The company does all the mentioned jobs without requiring any IT administration. Services offered by KnowledgeLake are entirely cloud-based. Its clients can involve themselves in the migration and any content service operation at any point of time they wish