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Don Croad, President
Most Learning Management Platforms in the market today provide a basic set of standard features and functionality; however, these platforms require a large amount of customization to meet regulatory requirements for the continuing education of medical professionals. This additional customization requires a great deal of development effort that is way too costly for most education providers to bear. Additionally, many of these platforms do not include some of the required infrastructure components necessary to conduct standard business operations, such as online payment processing. This results in an even higher cost of ownership due to third-party vendor integration.

That's where KnowledgeShare United steps in.

Massachusetts-based Knowledge Share United (KSU) provides SaaS-based (Software as a Services) learning management platforms, explicitly designed to meet the governance requirements of medical specialities. KSU works directly with national associations and governing bodies to develop customized learning management platforms that address requirements for continuing education, compliance, and reporting within a given specialty. "We are not just another learning management system, we make on-demand, continuing education easier within the healthcare industry," states Don Croad, president of KSU.

Another unique aspect of KSU is that it takes an entirely different approach to partnering with their clients. Under the notion of a true partnership, KSU allows its clients to participate in a tiered revenue model split based on the clients' level of involvement with the management and administration of the platform. Clients with dedicated staff to undertake the platform's additional responsibilities will receive a higher percentage of the revenues generated. Otherwise, KSU provides a fully managed learning management platform and even offers sales and marketing services to assist in those areas if a client needs it. "We only make money if our clients make money," says Croad.

Every client receives their own branded learning management portal with a dedicated URL. Clients can either integrate the portal into their existing website or use it as a standalone website – easily allowing users to create an account, browse available training programs, purchase programs of interest, and gain immediate access to their training.

We make on-demand, continuing education easier within the healthcare industry

Moreover, KSU's unmatched development and client success teams use the latest web, mobile, and cloud technologies to deliver a robust, secure, and intuitive user interface.

One of our platforms was designed for the continuing education of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), specifically CRNAs (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist). With the release of new credentialing requirements, KSU worked with the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetist (AANA) to develop a platform designed specifically to deliver continuing education for CRNAs to maintain their board certification and state licensure. KSU then partnered with state associations and continuing education providers to deliver training to CRNAs nationwide.

One of KSU’s clients based in Pennsylvania was delivering continuing education for CRNAs through in-person presentations, conferences, and lectures. As soon as the pandemic hit, her business suffered; she decided to partner with KSU. As a result, she was able to deliver her accredited training programs to not only the Pennsylvania-based CRNAs, but CRNAs nationwide – driving thousands of dollars worth of revenue every month.

KSU takes a client-centric approach when adding new features and functionality to their platforms. “Client feedback is critical to the success of KSU and plays a huge role in the continual improvements of our learning management platforms,” adds Croad. As KSU’s products evolve with the latest technology advancements, they are looking forward to developing learning management platforms for other medical specialties.

KnowledgeShare United

Stow, MA

Don Croad, President

KSU develops customized learning management platforms that deliver continuing education for medical professionals