KnowledgeVision: Putting a Whole New Face on Business Presentations

Michael Kolowich, CEO
Digital video is rapidly becoming a core component of every company’s content plan for learning, marketing, and corporate communications. But with that growth, comes a new challenge. “The appetite for video is growing faster than the budget available to create it,” says Michael Kolowich, CEO of Knowledge Vision.

Under the leadership of Kolowich, KnowledgeVision is addressing the need for rapid creation of video content with an entirely new digital medium: the multimedia online presentation. The company claims to deliver the fastest and easiest way to build and distribute engaging video- and audio-narrated presentations that give personality as well as texture to PowerPoint decks. “After 28 years, it’s about time the business presentation was reinvented,” says Kolowich. “It simply hasn’t kept up with today’s online, ondemand, video-enabled world.”

KnowledgeVision helps organizations to create, share, and track online presentations that can be plugged into marketing campaigns, placed on web pages, snapped into a learning management system, or posted to the world on social media.

The team at KnowledgeVision places a premium on speed, simplicity, and ease of use in creating multimedia presentations. “If interactive video could be created in 10 minutes instead of 10 hours or 10 days with 10 thousand dollars, organizations would create a whole lot more video content,” says Kolowich. “That’s what we’ve achieved with KnowledgeVision’s tools.”

The company’s cloud hosting tools synchronize video, images (PowerPoint slides), dynamic footnotes, chapter navigation, searchable transcripts, and social media streams into an interactive multimedia experience.

The company offers two authoring environments: KV Studio, which is an advanced tool for professional content creators; and Knovio, which is a simple and easy tool for the rest of the organization.
A basic version of Knovio is offered as a free iPad app in the iTunes App Store, and Knovio offers even more features when purchased as part of KnowledgeVision’s Enterprise Edition.

Whether created with KVStudio or Knovio, KnowledgeVision presentations can be aggregated together into collections of video assets and connected to essential corporate systems like learning management, marketing automation, or customer relationship management systems. The company uses a patent-pending Engagement Scoring methodology to track individual viewers, identify high-engagement viewers, and trigger action based on that engagement.

KnowledgeVision supports both on-demand and live webcasts, desktop and mobile viewing, and in-cloud and behind-the-firewall storage. “We’ve worked hard to build the world’s most flexible online presentation platform,” says Kolowich.

KnowledgeVision has found broad application across corporate learning, marketing, sales, corporate communications and investor relations. Clients throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia span the financial services, health care, technology, professional services, and education sectors.

One common application for KnowledgeVision is to repurpose content from major corporate events such as customer conferences. For instance, marketing software company Marketo uses a KnowledgeVision-powered website to deliver repurposed content from its annual global customer event into durable marketing, sales and learning assets that can be used throughout the year.

Going forward, KnowledgeVision is on a quest to put multimedia presentations tools into every business professional’s hands. “PowerPoint is the most ubiquitous visual communications medium in business,” Kolowich observes. “With apps like Knovio, everyone who needs to pitch an idea, explain a concept, or teach a technique can turn PowerPoint into rich, interactive video and use it in their everyday professional lives.”


Lincoln, MA

Michael Kolowich, CEO

KnowledgeVision is the fastest, easiest way to create and distribute engaging multimedia presentations that bring the power of video to PowerPoint decks.