KNUT: Centralized Platform to Manage All The Organization’s Digital Content

Adam Knutson, president
Marketing departments are responsible to manage campaigns and promotions to communicate new products and services in the marketplace. Keeping track of all the media and content from the ideation stage to the execution stage is crucial for marketing campaigns to be a success. Often, the campaign data is siloed among the marketing department’s team members and the organizations’ storage repositories. Businesses commonly use network file systems distributed on multiple remote computers and don’t have the infrastructure to manage all the data on a single platform and use pre-existing drop box-type settings to share files on an external drive, which is a slow and cumbersome process. Without a centralized platform to store, organize, and retrieve digital assets, it is a significant challenge for teams to generate value from that digital content.

We guide organizations to train their staff on how to use the digital experience platform that helps organize their assets and information. This also leads organizations to envision how the customer experience could be better

That’s where KNVEY comes in. This digital experience platform, provided by KNUT, has powered Fortune 100 companies’ web presences for over a decade. With KNVEY, businesses have a great opportunity to manage all their digital content and assets on a cloud-based platform to significantly speed up their processes in a centralized and easy-to-use application. KNVEY offers a wide-range of digital asset management and web content management capabilities that enables teams to facilitate messaging from any of the organization’s departments with a single platform. Along with specializing in digital asset management, the platform offers a sophisticated feature set including solutions for taxonomy, web site management, customer and internal email notifications, task management workflows, asset version control, geo-location mapping, galleries, and real-time analytics.

The KNUT team begins by working with marketing departments to evaluate existing digital strategies to better understand an organization’s unique challenges. KNUT then architects a digital experience solution that meets these challenges and formulates a cohesive and comprehensive roadmap to develop applications for partner and customer audiences that grow with the organization. The company follows a collaborative approach to wireframe and integrate the solution. KNUT presents the wireframes for the organization’s decision-makers to review as per their standards and requirements. After the review session, the wireframes are structurally designed into a solution. This is where KNUT’s excellence with advertising and understanding of great design and usability comes in- creating a solution that blends powerful functionality with simple, clean user interfaces to deliver the best digital experience possible.
All applications developed by KNUT are built on the KNVEY engine, resulting in an integrative solution that centralizes data and assets on an? administrative side and rapidly disseminates it across an organization’s various channels.

Another benefit of the KNVEY platform- it can be easily integrated with an organization’s IT frameworks. The KNUT team works directly with IT departments to integrate KNVEY with the single sign-on system to leverage rule-based access control. The KNVEY platform can be self-hosted on premise or in the cloud by an organization to manage accessibility and security. KNUT further trains the staff on best practices to leverage the wide spectrum of capabilities of the KNVEY platform so they can take over its management on a day-to-day basis. Organizations have compliance opportunities to operate the system according to their environment and KNUT is flexible to work within that environment.

“We guide organizations to train their staff on how to use the digital experience platform that helps organize their assets and information. This also leads organizations to envision how the customer experience could be better,” says Adam Knutson, president of KNUT.

For example, KNUT was approached by an organization to help manage seven to eight systems individually and centralize all of their assets. Collaborating with the in-house IT team, KNUT developed JavaScript applications and websites through which the content is rapidly served to customers, internal partners, and sales staff. KNUT consolidated their asset management process and reduced those seven to eight dispersed systems across multiple departments to one centralized system. KNUT integrated its platform with the organization’s networks and systems. They opted to host the system on the cloud, for which KNUT designed the NetSuite portal layout. KNUT has applications that seamlessly drop into NetSuite so customers and partners can access it. The firm also enhanced the user experience by improving the search functionality with the help of the UI/UX team. When customers search, they’ll find the result they are looking for within a matter of seconds; instead of scrolling through long lists or different tabs, the user can find the result on a single page.

KNUT focuses on end-customer experience by developing web applications that are seamlessly deployed into an organization’s existing brand and digital ecosystem. These applications bring together all of the digital content that is managed within the KNVEY platform, including assets, digital content, metadata, and descriptions. With over 20 years experience and expertise in the field of advertising and the extensive digital asset management capability set of the KNVEY platform, KNUT develops and deploys marketing and sales applications for customers and partners so that the message always reaches the right audiences, in the right way, at the right time.


Naples, FL

Adam Knutson, president

KNUT is a digital experience company based in Naples, Florida, specializing in application development for enterprise sales, support, and marketing teams. The firm offers KNVEY an unprecedented solution for engineering, marketing, sales, and support that conveys the organization’s message and captivates the customer in the digital world