KOAMTAC: One-Stop Shop for High-Performance Intelligent Data-Gathering Solutions

Dr. Hanjin Lee, CEO
The meteoric rise in the usage of QR codes and barcodes across the modern business landscape is driving demand for scanners to help firms capitalize on this growth. However, as most vendors focus on offering a single solution or technology like complex software scanning or expensive hardware scanners, businesses have to make substantial upfront investments only to build a scanning infrastructure that provides a single “all-or-nothing” choice. Firms, therefore, lack the freedom to select the optimal solution required to flourish in the rapidly changing business environment. Filling this void with its two-decade-expertise in developing high-performance and cost-effective data collection solutions is KOAMTAC.

“Our portfolio provides innovative choices that grow and adapt with our client businesses, helping them develop and flourish in the ever-evolving business landscape,” says Dr. Hanjin Lee, CEO of KOAMTAC. Its arsenal of solutions allows clients to select the optimal combination of hardware and software scanners based on their workflows. In essence, KOAMTAC provides a “one-stop shop” service experience to all, regardless of industry or business size.

KOAMTAC has wide-ranging product segments, including companion, sled, and wearable scanners. Two of the company’s flagship product families are the KDC and SKX SmartSled® scanner. The KDC480 SmartSled scanner transforms Android or iOS devices into a handheld data collector. SKX SmartSled scanners are designed exclusively for select enterprise Samsung phones and feature a fully integrated smartphone case with an integrated barcode scanner and scan buttons. Additionally, both families of SmartSled scanners are modular, allowing for a variety of companions that add RFID reading, mobile point of sale, card reading, increased battery power, and improved ergonomics.

The company’s unmatched capabilities can be attributed to its Class-A engineering and R&D teams that continually strive to enhance existing offerings and develop new solutions capable of empowering users in consistently saving CapEx. The newly-developed solutions are poised to deliver cost-efficiency and time-saving beyond that of the existing KOAMTAC portfolio. For instance, KOAMTAC KDC Bluetooth barcode scanners, the world’s most compact and reliable data collectors, are built to help businesses bypass cumbersome data-collection processes and deliver seamless and efficient barcode scanning.
A recent customer collaboration is the perfect example of the unmatched capabilities of the KOAMTAC portfolio. In this instance, the firm created a flexible data collection infrastructure for Messer Americas, the American subsidiary of Messer Group, a leading industrial natural gas supplier. Initially, the natural gas leader was keen to update their outdated legacy technologies by implementing a 1:1 solution that offers a consistent user experience across their plant employees, delivery drivers, and asset tracking operations. The client wanted a dependable, sturdy, and ergonomic alternative for their heavy, out-of-date hardware. To help Messer Americas achieve this, KOAMTAC proposed an economical mix of its KDC8 Software Decoder and SKXPro SmartSled® hardware scanners. This combination of software and hardware scanning turned out to be the perfect, competitively-priced solution for their revamp project, achieving business goals without significantly draining operational resources.

Our team facilitates the addition of hardware per the need of specific client requirements. The upfront investment is relatively small and the overall expenditure is a fraction of the old purpose-built devices

Since the collaboration, all Messer Americas’ employees have utilized the KOMATAC KDC8 Software Decoder on their Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro phones for casual scanning tasks. In contrast, all intensive scanning devices leverage the SKXPro SmartSled® with added 2,000mAh extended battery and trigger grip companion modules. These devices are helpful for a variety of departments. Key examples include the use of battery backs that assist delivery drivers in extending the life of their devices on the go and the utilization of the pistol-style trigger grip companion modules within warehouses that enable quick and easy scanning of incoming and outgoing goods. KOAMTAC also used the client’s mobile device management (MDM) to remotely update firmware, manage devices, and modify their applications. Above all, forward-thinking products from KOAMTAC empower users to make intelligent business decisions with its innovative options and customizable devices that grow and adapt to changes in their internal operations and across numerous vertical marketplaces.

As a leader in the intelligent data capture domain, KOAMTAC continually seeks new avenues to revolutionize how businesses execute scanning applications. To help maintain this course, the KOAMTAC team emphasizes making smart and unequivocal business decisions in the present to drive a future of robust growth in the ever-changing marketplace.


Princeton, NJ

Dr. Hanjin Lee, CEO

KOAMTAC is focused on empowering data capture in the mobile world of warehousing, healthcare, retail/eCommerce, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and other industries. With solutions for barcode scanning, RFID reading, mPOS, and enterprise charging, KOAMTAC is the most versatile solution partner.