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Yuval Goren, President and Commander-in-Chief
In today’s market, the explosive growth of data, has led to an increase in virtualized servers, and the impending security threats are creating the need for rapid cloud-based backup and recovery solutions. However, CIOs are facing extensive security challenges with the available backup solutions. Though securing corporate data has become a primary focus for firms, securing the data residing in backup storage devices poses a challenge. Well-positioned to address the current limitations, NY-based Kobargo’s K-Cloud Unlimited Backup solution employs military-grade encryption security to secure the data in transit as well as on disk. “Customers no longer have to worry about the safety of their data,” begins Yuval Goren, President and Commander-in-Chief, Kobargo.

With a user-friendly and highly-secure management portal, Kobargo offers maximum security while backing up and archiving data. Files are first packaged to ensure that bandwidth is minimized during transmission. “The data is then encrypted using a unique 256-bit AES encryption key to ensure that files cannot be accessed by others,” adds Goren. For added security, each encrypted file is sent over the internet via a secure channel, and then stored in Level 4 SSAE-16 certified secure data centers.

In addition, the K-Cloud Unlimited Backup solution also helps organizations to solve the manageability and cost-related challenges. “Our solution does not require any local hardware appliances, reducing the cost and complexities inherent in other backup solutions,” adds Goren. Designed to support hybrid cloud environments, K- Cloud maximizes the availability of mission-critical business applications running on physical servers or virtual machines that use Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere. The solution has the ability to restore virtual machine as well as physical server workloads by launching new application instances and connecting these to local backup storage.

Simultaneously, K-Cloud Unlimited Backup and Recovery services ensure complete data protection - it's like having an insurance policy for the data. The solution initiates file restores within seconds.

The data is encrypted using a unique 256-bit AES encryption key to ensure that files cannot be accessed by others

To restore individual items, customers simply log in to the K-Cloud backup portal using a web browser, navigate to the backup and choose the particular data to retrieve. The data is downloaded, decrypted, and then restored to the original or another specified location on the system.

Kobargo focuses on customer’s mission critical applications in order to provide technology services tailored to the customer, enabling them to really advance their businesses. In one such instance, a wealth management firm lost a large file used to track their client’s investments. Because the file was only updated once a week, employees did not notice that it had been corrupted, and was inaccessible. The organization approached Kobargo, fearing that the file was unrecoverable because their existing technology could only offer three days of backup due to limited storage resources. As the organization had already signed up for K-Cloud Unlimited Backup to ensure regulatory compliance, Kobargo was able to successfully restore the data, saving many hours of data re-entry and the devastating potential loss of client trust and revenue.

As an avid basketball fan, Goren often uses basketball analogies to reinforce the company mantra of teamwork and the importance of helping clients to be successful. Being a user-centric company, Kobargo also provides Managed IT and Telecommunications Services. “We remove the burden of IT management so companies can focus on their core competencies. We provide help desk services for users, management of network resources, and strategic planning so customers can make sound technology decisions,” says Goren.

Forging ahead, Kobargo plans on offering its hosted services to customers of all sizes and will continue to develop innovative cloud-based backup solutions focused on simplifying technology for the SMB community.

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Yuval Goren, President and Commander-in-Chief

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