Kodiak: Back to the Future with PTT Technology

Imagine a warehouse. It is another fine day at work, and a forklift driver is busy hauling goods. Everything is on track until his phone rings. Since the driver knows his manager, who doesn’t carry a land mobile radio, is probably on the other end, the call cannot be avoided. In the worst case scenario, the two seconds the driver diverts his attention to pick up the call could lead to an accident; at a minimum it disrupts his workflow and impacts his productivity. In this situation, a broadband Push-to-Talk (PTT) solution can make all the difference in both worker productivity and safety. Using broadband PTT, the manager could have, with the push of a button on his smartphone, set up instantaneous communication with the forklift driver’s portable radio, making it possible for the driver to communicate with his manager without taking the time or the risk of retrieving his phone to answer the call.

The leading provider of standards-based broadband Push-to-Talk, Kodiak makes it possible for users to enjoy clear, reliable, instant communications with other PTT users over 3G, 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi networks, as well as providing seamless communications with those, like the forklift driver, that are on land mobile radio networks. “Following an end-to-end approach, we partner with wireless operators like AT&T and Verizon and handset manufacturers like Samsung and Kyocera to deliver the best service quality,” remarks Bruce Lawler, Chief Product Officer, EVP-Marketing, and Co-Founder, Kodiak.

Because it is carrier-integrated, the Kodiak Broadband PTT solution delivers the availability, redundancy, 24/7 monitoring/ support, as well as ongoing device and application testing/ certification necessary to ensure customers receive reliable instantaneous communications whenever and wherever needed.

When it comes to standards compliance, Kodiak is one of the industry leaders driving PTT-related standards. “Our product is built
CIO VendorBruce Lawler, Chief Product Officer, EVP-Marketing, & Co-Founder
completely using industry standards from the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) PoC and Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF),” informs Lawler. “Kodiak has the world’s largest installed base of OMA PoC-compliant PTT users.” Kodiak also stands out from the pack with the industry’s broadest array of devices, from low-cost, ruggedized feature phones, to smartphones and tablets, ensuring that customers can choose the right device for every budget and need. Carrier/OEM testing and certification of devices also provides customers with peace of mind, making certain that the devices function as expected, even as new releases or versions are introduced.

In the near future, Kodiak plans to continue expanding its partner ecosystem, adding new devices and accessories that enhance the PTT user experience. Kodiak will also be adding a Web-Application Programming Interface (Web-API) to the Broadband PTT solution that extends push-to-talk functionality to 3rd party applications such as workforce and fleet management; increasing worker productivity by adding real-time voice communication, presence, and alert capabilities to existing workflows. In terms of geographic expansion, Kodiak plans to leverage its dominance in North and South America into Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Taking giants steps in the instant communication space, the PTT network footprint established by Kodiak is expected to continue its rapid growth.


Plano, TX

Bruce Lawler, Chief Product Officer, EVP-Marketing, & Co-Founder

Provider of standards-based Push-to-Talk (PTT) to wireless carriers and operators as a Software-as-a-Service