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Vipin Jain, Co-founder & CEO
The renowned science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” Converting these words into action, the duo of Vipin Jain and Manish Jain founded Konstant Infosolutions in 2003, a web and mobile app development company. While Vipin, the CEO, brings the background of strong marketing, project management, internal administration, and more to Konstant, Manish, the MD, drives the technology side of the company with his expertise in web and mobile app development.

The dynamic team at Konstant is focused on creating the most modern and interactive interfaces. The team loves what it does, and loves who they do it with. Half of them work on core development, designing, and quality analysis, while the other half manages the project on the whole. Without leaving any technology untouched, the team believes in adopting trends that change with time and user demands. Be it Apple TV, Android wear, AR/VR apps, IoT, the team has worked with infinite possibilities in mobile application development. The team focuses on its clients’ development needs while building bespoke business strategies that take their business idea from conceptualization to a popular app on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Konstant’s differentiating factor is the end-to-end solution it provides to its clients, to create a unique mobile experience across multiple platforms, devices, and OS versions. The company promises to deliver cutting-edge mobile app development services in every industry. Konstant has its clientele in a diverse range of industries such as gaming, social networking, food & restaurant, e-commerce, retail and B2B, and many more. Serving clients like UN, NASSCOM, Citrix Solutions, Nestle, and more, its mobile app developers have grown tremendously to deliver the full range of mobile services to the clients.

In one of the instances, Konstant worked on a project for Thomasville city, Georgia. The project aimed at developing a mobile app solution for facilitating the state government to collect revenues through utility bills and making it convenient for the users to make payments.

Konstant’s differentiating factor is the end-to-end solution it provides to its clients, to create a unique mobile experience across multiple platforms, devices, and OS versions

Konstant's underlying challenge was to integrate the payments for multiple utility bills with different sets of data. With the app's assistance, it was required that a single user be able to maintain multiple utility accounts. The app was also to ensure application security to safeguard social details and financial transactions. With quite a range of expectations on its head, the team at Konstant worked together to overcome these challenges and came up with the final product. The application has an interactive data screen that allows the user to track the monthly consumption for gas, power, and electricity. The bespoke app has other chief features like it is secure as it has used an object-oriented approach, and by maintaining the financials at the account level, users could partially pay. The remaining amount can be carried forward or added to the balance payments.

Riding on the tide of many such client success stories, Konstant envisions to become the most trustworthy offshore IT solutions partner for organizations around the globe. To this end, the firm is continuously evolving by adopting the latest technology trends in iPhone and Android app development and other domains. The India-based company has served 16 years of smart technology and is expanding globally with its offices in California, Texas, and Florida. Konstant provides its services in Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, New York, London, Chicago, and all other regions worldwide that outsource IT solutions. Konstant has no plans of stopping and is looking for strategic partnerships from all around the world. The company is building new dreams on the foundation of its past experiences, and its greatest strength is its team, which comprises ingenious and focused individuals who are skilled in their jobs.

Konstant Infosolutions

Jaipur, Rajasthan, IN

Vipin Jain, Co-founder & CEO

Konstant Infosolutions is an internationally recognized mobile application development company with a rich experience in web development. The company is designing its solutions with the aid of technologies like IoT, enterprise mobility, cloud and mobile solutions and aims to exceed its customer’s expectations. Konstant keeps adopting new and latest technology trends coming up in various verticals such as iPhone and Android app development or any other domain. With over 16 years of experience in cutting-edge technologies, Konstant has expanded worldwide with its offices in California, Texas and Florida and providing its services throughout the globe

Konstant Infosolutions