Kony: Delivering Stunning Mobile Apps to Meet Customer Demand

Tom Hogan, CEO of Kony, loves to conquer mountain peaks. “Reaching the highest point of the mountain is not a child’s play,” affirms Hogan. “It is a long, hard journey but the reward of reaching the top is indescribable,” he adds. It is the same vision and focus that drives his company, Kony—a leader in enterprise mobility with over 350 customers in 45 countries.

Kony is the fastest growing enterprise mobility solutions provider in the utilities industry today and the top partner of choice for businesses that want to mobilize their enterprise. The company offers industry-leading, cloud-based software develop- ment lifecycle (SDLC) platform that enables customers to define, design, develop, test, deploy and manage multi-channel applications from a single code base. “With Kony, clients can deliver stunning user-first experiences, get to market faster and lower their application Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),” explains Ho- gan. The company also offers a suite of more than 30 ready-to- run B2E and B2C apps that enable customers to quickly extend their business. The MyU application—developed by Accenture and powered by Kony’s industry-leading mobile application plat- form—is a Customer Engagement and Self-Service application that allows consumers to conveniently track energy consumption, view bills, make payments, track outages, and contact the utilities company. “The benefit of this application to the utilities is an increase in self-service adoption, less call volumes, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, and less energy consumption,” reveals Hogan.

In addition, Kony has delivered Open Native and Multi- platform support through KonyMobileFabric, which is both incremental and game changing at the same time. “It’s incremental in that it builds upon the years of experience of deploying Kony’s back-end mobile application development platform into demanding enterprise environments. However, it’s simultaneously game-changing in that it completely opens up use of Kony’s back-end mobile infrastructure through RESTful APIs and downloadable Software Development Kit’s for native iOS, An- droid, JavaScript and PhoneGap development,” reveals Hogan. Kony Visualizer is the first product that allows users to immediately create click-through preview apps without manual software coding. Kony calls this new capability “WYSIWYM” (what you see is what you mobilize). Kony Visualizer also provides a seamless collaborative cloud environment for real-time feedback and iteration, which addresses a need by a growing number of business groups that are leveraging both in-house IT and outside design firms for their mobile app development projects.
“We’ve heard from our customers that the majority of defects found in apps are directly related to the user interface design and experience. To solve this issue, we have built Kony Visualizer to fundamentally change the process of creating innovative mobile app designs,” explains Hogan. By providing a single, cloud-based solution that enables collaboration across the key stakeholders at every stage of the mobile app design process, the company is empowering app designers, developers and business analysts to work together in a much more cohesive and collaborative manner. Kony’s comprehensiveness of coverage across the full SDLC is another unique differentiator. “No one in the industry provides this same breadth of capability across all lifecycle phases,” says Hogan.

Kony has opened up its back-end infrastructure (KonyMobileFabric) and developer frameworks to support a wider array of new device and endpoint innovation. In addition, Kony recently launched a revolutionary new app platform and tools around “codeless” model-driven development platform called Kony Modeler, which empowers lines of business within an enterprise to rapidly build great mobile apps. Kony Modeler is the first “no source code” solution toolset that is transforming how mobile apps are developed and enabling a new class of model- driven, composite apps. In addition, the company introduced the Kony Marketplace, an enterprise mobile app exchange of ready- to-run apps and app models; along with recent enhancements to its Kony Visualizer, Kony Studio and KonyMobileFabric products.

With Kony, clients can deliver stunning user- first experiences, get to market faster and lower their application Total cost of ownership

As utilities companies strive to be at the top of their game when it comes to meeting customer demand, mobile applications like Accenture’s MyU app powered by Kony will not only help them reach their goal but it will also transform their customers’ mobile experience.


Orlando, FL

Tom Hogan, CEO

A company that provides both an integrated software development lifecycle (SDLC) platform to define, design, develop, test, deploy and manage multi-channel applications from a single code base; and Ready-to-Run applications to rapidly deliver great mobile apps