Kopis: Agile Custom Software Development Solutions Delivered

Andrew Kurtz, CEO
The South Carolina based Consulting firm Kopis believes in cutting through enterprise challenges. The story that inspired them to adopt the name, Kopis is the Greek myth of the Gordian knot, which was slashed by Alexander the Great with the Kopis sword, and thus solving the famed puzzle. “More than a name, Kopis is a stake in the ground. By striking innovation we help in getting our clients the solutions they need,” says Andrew Kurtz, CEO, Kopis.

Founded in 1999 as ProActive Technology, Kopis is focused on providing solutions that cuts through the challenges of custom software solutions. The company offers agile custom software development solutions that leverage .NET, SQL Server, and SharePoint for businesses. The package of services includes application development, business intelligence and mobile app development. “Organizations are in a continual state of change due to technological developments, and thus pressuring leadership to efficiently balance day-to-day business activities. This requires upgrading of in-house applications at par with the new developments,” reasons Kurtz. “The right software products and solutions, and their process transforms the business functioning.” The company helps to design and develop new custom software products and business systems for companies in the financial services, healthcare, travel and hospitality, and manufacturing domains.

Additionally, Kopis also offers SharePoint development and administration service which is designed to help clients develop project portfolio systems, based on their project management system. From planning, execution to automation, the company helps client creates detailed records management that helps with regulatory compliance.“We also provide streamlined workflow with the help of E-forms and InfoPath that provide faster form processing and approvals via instant access and visibility for all stakeholders,” explains Kurtz. Kopis SharePoint deployment also activates Search, which makes data searching easier after the data is entered. Further, all application types, such as intranet, extranet, and internet, can be utilized by the end user through SharePoint. “Our SharePoint delivery platform, includes Business Intelligence solutions, including dashboards, reports, and more.

More than a name, Kopis is a stake in the ground. By striking innovation we help in getting our clients the solutions they need

Paper and ad-hoc systems were reengineered to be more efficient during the development.”

More in the platter, Kopis also offers managed services to SharePoint and SQL Server environments. This includes monthly reviews, strategic consulting on possible improvements, solutions, and industry trends, setting up alerts to monitor issues and more.

Kopis’s custom application development solutions help to resolve complex business challenges, through a collaborative agile process that brings clients into the process at every step. Many Fortune 100 companies to successful start-ups have been seeking assistance from Kopis to gain advantage in their operations. In one instance, Integral, the global technology provider from U.S, had difficulty accessing their own monitoring data, and needed an easier interface to work efficiently. The challenges faced were monitoring, ticketing, contract reporting consolidation for the professional services they offered. Kopis leveraged their services on .Net, Visual Studio SQL Server. Kopis developed the customized application and optimized process to combine monitoring, ticketing, and contract data for providing one-stop reporting to Integral’s customers. Integral was able to maximize productivity, due to the unified reporting, monitoring, ticketing and financial/contract information applied by Kopis.

Currently, Kopis is bringing transformational solutions to Spartanburg, Greenville, and Charleston, SC areas. Assembling a team of talented business analysts, project managers, and senior software engineers Kopis is refining their team to expand geographically.


Greenville, SC

Andrew Kurtz, CEO

Offers agile custom software development solutions that leverage .NET, SQL Server, and SharePoint for businesses