KORE: Global M2M and IoT Connectivity Solutions for Enterprises– Better Coverage, Choice and Reliability

Alex Brisbourne, CEO
Enterprises are experiencing multi-dimensional challenges as a result of the advanced levels of inter connectivity among devices—a characteristic of Internet of Things (IoT). Among them are wireless security concerns, end-to-end reliability, and the need for a single, comprehensive business management platform.

“As the industries try to grasp new technologies, we are trying to act as the liaison between carrier and application provider, making sure that we provide reliability of delivery, 24x7 support and customer representation. This is where we become a game changer,” delineates Alex Brisbourne, CEO of KORE Wireless Group. KORE is the key that unlocks the door to new business opportunities as it confers noble wireless technologies that bridge the gap between an organization and its goals. KORE provides wireless network services for the machine-to-machine (M2M) market offering resource and logistic control, security, health awareness, and mechanical observing.

The company understands that a scalable, secure network is the foundation upon which their partners deliver mission-critical applications to their downstream customers. “Hence, we have built a state-of-the-art, optimized M2M network which provides complete redundancy and self-healing capabilities in the event of a physical connection being compromised,” says Brisbourne.KORE has distinguished itself in terms of their customer and technical support, providing service level metrics including a technical escalation process for expediting and resolving all service delivery related issues. The company has collaborated with Iridium Satellite Services as well as Inmarsat, to offer truly global satellite connectivity to their customers. “The largest, most comprehensive global network service footprint including GSM and CDMA is being achieved via a dedicated team of experts with a sole focus on M2M services delivery excellence,” explains Brisbourne. KORE customers get the coverage and support required to deliver mission - critical applications from one provider with one single bill and one intuitive management platform, to manage devices across multiple operators worldwide. “Ubiquitous and affordable M2M coverage is a requirement for cross-border, regional, or even global M2M solution deployments, and our solution, KORE Global Connect is designed to meet these requirements,” adds Brisbourne.
Their services are available in over 180 countries, and satellite services enabling 100 percent global coverage. KORE has also launched the first of its kind, multi-network, location-based solution that allows customers to locate any of their wireless devices on the KORE network, in a flash. It empowers clients to form an inter-connectivity and API configuration with their carrier partners that confers a long lasting partnership.

We offer one single bill and one intuitive management platform to manage devices across multiple operators worldwide

The network that is configured is managed superlatively by KORE, thus saving customers from expensive maintenance requirements. The company provides the world’s largest fully digital wireless data network. Through its extensive network of application and hardware partners, the company’s global platform powers thousands of applications, including: utility metering; homeland security; landfill monitoring, healthcare monitoring and offender tracking.Recently, Allen Lund, a transportation logistics company needed a solution that was portable, removable, and simple to install and dismantle.

Allen Lund was facing challenges including cost, weather, unusual conditions, cross-border customs controls and lack of standardization among trucks. By blending sophisticated solutions provided by KORE and LocusTraxx, Allen Lund can now continuously monitor and receive data on shipment temperature, door security, and location of shipments. The solution has saved time and money for Allen Lund, with many successful customer shipments stories.As the technology evolves continuously, KORE wants to surge ahead by providing the best solutions to their customers, helping them reduce challenges and increase the health of their company. “Our engineers are busy developing latest solutions and products for our customers. We want to be the ace in our field for our customers,” concludes Brisbourne.


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Alex Brisbourne, CEO

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