Kore Telematics: M2M Network Solutions for Uninterpreted Connectivity

Business operations have become easier with the advent of machine to machine communication. This has resulted in reduced effort, time, and cost as well as increased operational efficiencies. “Businesses require reliable, effective and affordable machine-to-machine (M2M) coverage for cross border, regional and even global M2M solutions deployment,” says Alex Brisbourne, CEO, Kore Telematics. “Kore provides M2M network connectivity and services, offering complete global coverage through GSM, CDMA and satellite data services.”

With headquarters in Alpharetta, GA, Kore provides M2M solutions to its customers by partnering with local, regional and global carriers that are customized to their business requirements. The company understands that a secure M2M network with scalability is the foundation to deliver mission critical applications to their customers. This has been the driving force for the company to build a state-of-the-art M2M network providing a complete solution and self-healing capabilities to avoid service interruptions due to physical damage. With security and scalability being the priority, Kore, understands that round the clock technical support is required to maximize the benefits of M2M network, which has been made possible by their M2M technical support experts.

Understanding the importance of uninterrupted service and the complexity involved in machine-to-machine communication, the company allows businesses to manage all aspects of their M2M solutions through their core product, PRiSMPro. “Being a single robust business monitoring platform, PRiSMPro, aims at delivering M2M control and exceptional operational management efficiencies. M2M monitoring platforms allow businesses to customize and associate end-user customer information with accounts and devices,” explains Alex.The added benefits of PRiSMPro, includes the reduced need to access multiple systems as it intergrates into business office systems and applications, better operational efficiencies, comprehensive device management and rate plan optimization, error free bulk activation with device management capabilities, access to billing usage and device management reports. In addition to allow customers to order network services, activate and deactivate devices in real-time, PRiSMPro also allows customers to change the service of a device as well as obtain billing and usage information to maximize service benefit.
The company simplifies many business operations and provides reliable wireless remote monitoring and wireless GPS tracking systems, ensuring accuracy and less human intervention.

Kore provides M2M network connectivity and services, offering complete global coverage through GSM, CDMA and satellite data services

For instance, at the New Hamshire-based Provider Enterprises, more than 1,500 special needs students were transported to 50 school districts using 178 buses. Dispatching these many buses is not only a tedious and cumbersome job, but also requires the use of radio and constant manual checks to ensure buses with wheelchair lifts get dispatched when necessary. Tracking of buses and driver behavior was also important to ensure optimal, safe and cost effective performance across the board. Kore’s deployment of a cellular GPS based M2M system,enabled in real time vehicle tracking for dispatch and routing purposes, reduced fuel usage and other operational tasks while reducing radio dispatch.

Alongside GPS based M2M functionalities, device certification services is another feature of the company. The company’s dedicated team provides device certification professional services engagement, enabling customers to easily add new devices.

As part of their development plans, Kore recently acquired RacoWireless, which is reputed for making Internet of Things (IoT)and M2M services more accessable, by providing end-to-end connectivity solutions. “At KORE, we believe that 3G is the logical evolution for reliable, cost-effective and ubiquitous M2M connectivity. We ensure that each customer’s unique M2M connectivity requirements are met, via 3G, or satellite,” concludes Alex.

Kore Telematics

Alpharetta, GA

Alex Brisbourne, CEO

Kore provides M2M, Internet of Things (IoT) communications services, as well as satellite services.

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