Kovair: Integrated ALM for Faster Development Process

Bipin Shah, Chairman and CEO
Today, new models of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) are introduced to reflect business goals. The applications have to be tailored according to the needs of business as the outdated ones fail to deliver the level of service expected. In such a scenario, organizations are on a constant look out for viable partners that can assist them curb the complexities around ALM. A San Ramon, CA based Kovair is one such company that is extending its arm to enable organizations to create new application in a synchronized tool environment by integrating third party best-of-breed ALM tools. “Kovair integrated ALM platform brings end-to-end visibility in the entire spectrum of application or product development” says Bipin Shah, Chairman and CEO, Kovair. With the integrated ALM, the customers can make the development process faster with better quality.

The company delivers a cohesive solution for end-to-end application management from conception to delivery through its product, ALM Studio. “ALM Studio can be utilized as a platform that creates custom business solutions, pre-configured, or as a ready-to-use ALM solution,” describes Shah. Kovair’s integrated ALM covers all aspects of ALM— from project planning and risk assessment, requirements management, development management, source control management, quality assurance and testing, change management to defect management and automated build management.

The company has also released a one-to-one integration solution—QuickSync—a desktop based integration application for Windows environment. “This product is designed to provide users a single point solution for integration and migration of data between a pair of based-of-breed, open source, legacy, and homegrown tools,” describes Shah. QuickSync provides a range of benefits to the users from codeless configuration and quick on screen monitoring to transaction based licensing, on screen reports, and side by side comparison.

Kovair’s Omnibus—an enterprise service bus model-based, cost-effective and user-friendly product—helps the organizations to overcome the limitations of the existing point-to-point and single-vendor tools integrations.
“It creates a synchronized environment for project stakeholders across the application lifecycle stages,” briefs Shah. Omnibus ensures seamless dataflow across tools, cross-lifecycle transparency, macro and micro-level process automation, correspondence of activities across disciplines, and live cross-tool metrics using Reports and Dashboards.

Kovair integrated ALM brings end-to-end visibility in the entire spectrum of application or product development

The company has assisted myriad of customers across industries—banking and insurance to financial services and IT consulting—to cost-effectively manage their application lifecycle. To exemplify, Kovair helped one of its customers to have a ringside view of the entire activities of software development process by providing an integrated ALM solution. Initially, the customer was utilizing a wide variety of tools to manage different phases of software development lifecycle. Most of these tools were from different vendors and not integrated with each other. Consequently, there was no traceability between the various artifacts—requirements, delivery package, test cases, issues, code files, and incidents. The customer approached Kovair looking for an integrated ALM solution that can help them streamline their entire spectrum of software development process. By leveraging Kovair’s ALM Studio, the customer automated the high level processes from end-to-end integration of the different phases of software development lifecycle through establishment of traceability relationships among the objects involved. Additionally, it also allowed different stakeholders to share a common platform to collaborate and communicate on the business needs, providing real-time status information about the project.

Having constructed a strong foundation in the application lifecycle management landscape, Kovair now aims to deliver more advanced ALM tools and solutions, while remaining in sync with the profound technology trends.


San Ramon, CA

Bipin Shah, Chairman and CEO

Provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions that enable creation of applications in a synchronized tools environment