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Benny Cohen, President
If you ask 5-people in a company what DT means to them, you will often get six different opinions. KPI Digital believes that DT is a vision that guides a company’s strategy towards meeting its goals, objectives, and activities. It is also a culture that drives values, practices, and behaviors, both internally as well as with its customers, suppliers, and business partners. Companies opting to ignore DT will not survive. Those that embrace it will continue growing and succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Uber are setting the bar in customer experience (CE). They are continually increasing the standards in customer expectations, and other companies are in catch-up mode. Companies are recognizing that in order to grow and compete successfully, they must improve their CE. They need to focus on becoming more customer-centric. CE will determine how great their brand will be, and if customers will buy from them again. CE is impacted by every customer touchpoint: online browsing, inventory availability, check-out process, payment methods, speed of delivery, accuracy, appropriate follow up (e-mail, text, etc.), return process, customer service, store visit, and more. Companies must gain more knowledge and insights about their customers. To do so, they need to collect more data around their customers. Using AI and machine learning, they can segment and profile their customers. They can also gain actionable insights around upsell and cross-sell opportunities, propensity to buy or churn, and much more. Companies can then capitalize on these insights at every customer touchpoint (online, stores, customer service, social media, and much more).

The process of improving CE and becoming more customer-centric requires companies to digitally transform their internal operations and ensure complete alignment with their customers’ needs and expectations: their inventory, supply-chain, customer service, sales, marketing, etc. KPI Digital has been delivering data-driven solutions, helping its clients improve their decision-making process and realize incredible ROI. They have been doing this for over 30-years, for hundreds of customers across North America.

DT is a journey. If companies adopt the right path, they will capitalize on unprecedented CE and brand recognition that will drive their growth and strengthen their competitiveness. If the wrong path is taken, it can be expensive and risky for companies. KPI Digital has extensive experience in accompanying their clients in their DT journeys. They specialize in data, analytics, governance, big data, IoT, industry 4.0 and AI as well as performance management. They also master the complete marketing suite, including digital and customer behavior analytics, campaign automation, and customer/360 repositories that consolidate all customer information. Their data science team uses AI and machine learning to help their clients drive intelligent customer recommendations as well as optimize many of their business processes by infusing AI into all workflows. “We help our customers align a Digital Transformation strategy with their business objectives. We supply them with solutions to address their business and technical challenges with clear roadmaps, technology, and skills,” states Benny Cohen, president and CEO of KPI Digital.

Notably, KPI Digital focuses on companies’ business use cases and the value that the companies provide to their customers. Through a data-driven strategy, AI maturity assessments as well as DT workshops, KPI Digital starts by fully understanding the business objectives and challenges of its clients and then helps them develop a solid strategy, roadmap, technology, and resource plan. The AI maturity assessments especially help companies understand their gaps in strategy, culture, technology, data, and much more as well as how they rate against competitors.

We transform data into insights and actions that help our clients meet their business objectives!

Benny Cohen enthuses, “We are not a technology company. However, our experts deliver remarkable business solutions, using the latest technology and best practice processes.”

While speaking about KPI Digital’s recent accomplishments, Benny Cohen shares the story of a New York-based fashion wholesaler/retailer that decided to close all their brick and mortar stores and focus on wholesale and online sales. In order to recover the lost sales from the stores, they set a target of increasing their online sales by a factor of 10 within 24-months. The president of the company contacted KPI Digital and presented this objective to them. KPI Digital recommended to perform its very successful Digital Transformation workshop with the client’s stakeholders. The workshop starts with a review of the company’s business objectives, strategy for growth, business and technical challenges, as well as a review of their technology, data stack, and resource availability. KPI Digital then gets back to their clients with an analysis of the business objectives identified, challenges to meeting the objectives, high-level strategy, tied to business objectives, roadmap to execute strategy with priorities and timeframes as well as specific recommendations to bridge the gaps in data, technology, and resources.

In the case of the NY-based retailer, KPI Digital presented a detailed plan, starting with where they wanted to be in 24-months and reverse-engineered it to where they were at the start. They included specific monthly metrics around all the major KPIs that impact top-line sales (Traffic, AOV, and CR). This enabled the project to be implemented in an agile way with the ability to measure and monitor progress and performance in real-time. KPI Digital also presented technology options to complement their current ones as well as resource plans. The customer was very impressed and decided to engage KPI Digital to implement this project. KPI Digital’s team collaborated with the client’s team, using an agile marketing methodology, to execute on the strategy and follow the roadmap to implement a complete IBM Watson digital marketing platform, consolidate all the consumer data and put a scorecard in place with all the appropriate KPIs. KPI Digital’s data science team also got involved, using AI and ML, to drive actionable insights around the customer data to upsell and cross-sell existing customers as well as optimize new customer acquisition campaigns with intelligent lookalike profiles. The results were fascinating: in 24-months the retailer grew their online revenue by 11x. By embracing an AI-driven approach to customer engagement, the client was able to achieve its growth goals and delivered streamlined, personalized experiences across all channels, effectively building a strong digital retail presence.

With many similar client success stories, KPI Digital has established itself as a trusted partner for digital transformation. Looking ahead, KPI Digital is now poised to script more such transformation stories across the U.S. and Canada. “We are currently driven by one singular goal: helping our customers grow their top line while optimizing their bottom-line using the latest technology and best practice implementation methodologies,” concludes Cohen.

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Benny Cohen, President

Offers a full gamut of digital solutions around data & analytics, AI, Big Data, governance, IOT and industry 4.0. Furthermore, they offer Digital Transformation solutions with a complete marketing platform. To help companies perform and become more competitive, KPI helps them optimize all processes by infusing AI into every business workflow. With a combined experience of over 30 years, the professionals at KPI possess extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of how to turn data into insights and drive actions to meet all business objectives

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