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Deepak Goyal, President and CEO In a world that's heading towards the metaverse, digital transformation is not an obscure facet for businesses; it's the key to success. If not anything, the drastic changes brought by the pandemic have clearly demonstrated how digitalization is a deciding factor in sustaining a business. Companies that are yet to make this transition can either "go digital or go obsolete!"

But, the digital route—however profitable—is in no way a safe one. Many companies, regardless of their size and nature, inadvertently expose their critical assets to cybercriminals during their digital transformation journey. Having over two decades of experience in the cybersecurity industry, Deepak Goyal, the President and CEO of KR3 Information Systems (KR3), has a clear idea about the scope and objective of security and loopholes in the transformation journey." The essence of cloud migration is not just about moving legacy applications and systems to the cloud. It's vitally important for business leaders to make the security framework an inherent part of the migration strategy," Goyal says. With technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, and Big Data escalating the volume and complexity of data and applications, enhancing the security posture at an early stage is imperative for a successful digital transformation.

KR3 Information Systems (KR3) is an expert in navigating organizations through the entire process of cloud migration, with security placed at the forefront.

Established in 2005, KR3 specializes in addressing clients' varying cybersecurity, cloud management, mobility, as well as IT systems development and maintenance needs. The company is driven by a mission to streamline and facilitate the digital journey for businesses. KR3 excels in designing, building, and implementing robust, secure, and reliable technical solutions around single sign-on, access control, authentication, privilege access management, auditing, monitoring, and compliance. "With cybersecurity embedded in our DNA, we find ourselves as the pioneers in creating IT solutions that serve the need for a more secure environment," Goyal mentions.

KR3's extensive experience, in-depth know-how in the security spectrum, and dedication towards customer success have made it a go-to partner for several Fortune 500s companies, small businesses, and federal governments. "We have the capability to serve customers with knowledge, responsiveness, research, and reliability," says Goyal.

Upholding the Security Posture

KR3 has built its business operations around a customer-centric, digital-first ethos. This ensures individualized attention to clients while offering utmost quality through the right resources, at the right time, at the right cost. Having a clear understanding of the entire spectrum of IT security,team KR3 pays special attention from start to finish while collaborating with clients. Whether it is a new implementation, migration, or ongoing support, maintenance, and security updates, the company keeps security at the forefront for the successful completion of the project.

For example, recently, KR3 collaborated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help drive its mission of supporting public health.

We have the capability to serve customers with knowledge, responsiveness, research, and reliability

The company assisted the nation's health protection agency in improving its security posture and deploying cross-platform data collection and distribution platform. Having a multitude of external customers and partners associated with this program, CDC wanted a robust centralized identity and access management solution to protect their systems from impersonation challenges, fake identities, and breaches. KR3 implemented numerous solutions for CDC, including cybersecurity solutions as a shared service, NIST and HSPD-12-adhered cross-agency solutions to support identity management and access control, mobile applications, and various cloud implementations and migrations to name a few.

"Our end-to-end access control system supports nearly 400 public applications, systems, and interfaces. To date, the mechanism has helped CDC securely handle a large amount of data related to vaccine and PPE distributions, and testing facilities during Ebola, H1N1, and the COVID-19 pandemics," explains Goyal. "We brought together all the necessary solutions to meet the need of the hour." KR3 even went the extra mile to classify data from various systems based on the level of risk—low, medium, high—and designed the solution to provide the right people access to the correct data levels. The solution also covered CDC's auditing, monitoring, and compliance needs.

Expertise beyond the Public Sector

Alongside its expertise in the government sector, KR3 is also known for its prowess in serving a wide range of industrial clients. The company recently collaborated with a leading financial organization that was looking for the cloud implementation of its export control applications. The client was not satisfied with the available products in the market for meeting their purpose. By keeping the clients' security mandates upfront and adhering to the regulatory standards, KR3 built a cohesive, shared platform to secure their applications. The company even leveraged the FedRAMP guidelines typically used in government applications to protect the client's cloud environment.

Engagements like these are successful only because of KR3's knowledge in handling both public and private sector applications and their expertise in executing the end-to-end implementation of cybersecurity solutions.

KR3 has also helped several organizations secure their applications and systems during the pandemic, where 90 percent of the workforce was working remotely. The company's offerings provided secure access only to the right people while preventing identity breaches.

Different by Definition; Unique by Approach

What enables KR3 to serve this diverse clientele is its in-depth expertise in the cybersecurity spectrum combined with a unique, comprehensive onboarding approach. A typical engagement of KR3 begins with the team gaining a holistic view of the client's needs and the project's overall scope. Whether it's a cloud-first strategy, digital modernization, or on-premise implementation, the company works with the client to drive security-conscious decisions at all points of the process.
Nicole Jordan, Director of Business Development, Ankush Gupta, Director of Delivery, Corporate Accounts and Mithil Urs, VP Customer Engagement & Business Operations
Once KR3 has a complete understanding, they move on to the analysis phase that revolves typically around the client's platforms. In the case of acquisitions, KR3 conducts technical analyses to understand whether the concerned agencies should merge their centralized systems or run them separately.

Based on the analysis, KR3 builds a detailed plan for cloud migration or new implementation, where they identify the best product that suits the client's needs and security postures. The company also evaluates product customization to provide customers with the best possible outcomes. "We already have more than 40 security products at our disposal, encompassing industry-leading access control, penetration testing, and single sign-on solutions," says Goyal. This is followed by gap analysis, where the team looks for security gaps, identifies ways to mitigate them, and builds a comprehensive strategy to implement the solution. KR3 then designs the proof of concept and deploys a team to handhold the client through the entire implementation cycle. Once implemented, the system and applications are gradually introduced to the environment and made fully operational along with a two-month support service. KR3 also provides long-term post-deployment support, helping clients with timely enhancements to align with evolving market trends.

With cybersecurity embedded in our DNA, we find ourselves as the pioneers in creating IT solutions that serve the need for a more secure environment

Securing the Road Ahead

In addition to IT services, KR3 offers management consulting and staff augmentation services. When it comes to providing long and short-term staffing services, KR3 deploys subject matter experts to help clients complete their technology projects in an agile and efficient manner. By understanding customers and the highly specialized technical requirements of each project, KR3 identifies the ideal candidate in the shortest possible time.

Moving ahead, KR3 is constantly enhancing its capabilities to expand the reach of its services across the cybersecurity, cloud implementation, and software development areas.

The next big thing on KR3's horizon is the development of a proprietary SaaS-based identity and access management solution that will fuel its clients' digital transformation initiatives. By doing this, team KR3 aims to make its robust, scalable security solution affordable and easily accessible to mid-size organizations as well as state and local governments. "We will strive to serve as a strategic partner with the knowledge, responsiveness, research, and reliability to help clients with their cloud migration, digital modernization and security needs," concludes Goyal.

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Deepak Goyal, President and CEO and Nicole Jordan, Director of Business Development, Ankush Gupta, Director of Delivery, Corporate Accounts and Mithil Urs, VP Customer Engagement & Business Operations

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