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Every organization is embracing various collaboration tools to connect its workforce well in its meeting spaces. Over the years, many of these firms have moved to wireless audiovisual (AV) collaboration solutions to eliminate old-fashioned wired AV solutions. From the corporate world, bars, and sports venues to the federal government, educational institutes, and courtrooms, AV has evolved significantly from both a hardware and software standpoint. Organizations have adopted wireless solutions that connect offices, various departments, and workforces seamlessly by enabling easy collaboration and sharing important content or information from any location. As a leading provider of such solutions, Kramer is transforming the business processes with its VIA line of secure wireless BYOD collaboration products designed explicitly for wireless collaboration and presentation. “VIA allows firms to wirelessly stream video and presentations across various conference rooms and enable team members to share and control the screen through their own devices easily,” says David Margolin, former VP of Marketing at Kramer. By introducing wireless presentation and collaboration tools in 2014 without using dongles or any hardware, Kramer became among the first few companies to support a BYOD (bring your own device) model for a seamless experience. With Kramer solutions, users can easily connect or share their screens with their own smartphones, tablets, and laptops natively with no apps installed.

Leveraging 40 years of experience in the Pro AV industry, Kramer offers end-to-end solutions based on the latest technology from hardware to software and cloud solutions. The company delivers it all, from a simple connector cable to hyper-complex systems with cloud software. With its reliable products and customer service, Kramer builds and maintains long-term relationships with its clients. The company provides IT departments with the ability to manage and handle the AV installation remotely and securely similar to how they handle their IT operations. Kramer also ensures the security of transmitted data via encryption, thus relieving IT departments of their security concerns. Since Kramer has offices worldwide, they support clients by delivering training modules to them in local languages, connecting local integrators with global customers to apply a single standard across their business.
With its award-winning wireless collaboration and presentation product line, the company caters to every organization, including Fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium-sized organizations to implement the single standards of AV installation and functionality across the firm.

Considering the current situation of COVID, businesses are moving towards BYOM (bring your meeting) model. This has created a new reality for workplaces, changing the way they function. Most firms started working remotely, while others adopted various collaboration solutions that enable them to work in a safe environment. Utilizing this opportunity, Kramer added additional solutions to its portfolio to maintain its business continuity during this challenging time. The company provides solutions for hybrid working that allow firms to manage their business remotely in a more straightforward way. Kramer's newly introduced products are helping users create their workspace at their homes and are helping enhance their meeting room solution portfolio for the dynamic shift that businesses are currently experiencing. “We are expanding our standard product line to make it faster, more reliable, and manageable by adding more software and cloud-based solutions,” adds Margolin. With constant discussions with IT departments to understand their challenges and motivations, the company is designing specific solutions for making their life easier by giving them the ability to service AV equipment or installing AV solutions remotely and safely, similar to their standard IT operations.

Moreover, the education space has also adopted a hybrid model, conducting sessions on campus for a few, while holding online classes for others. With the latest VIA update, Kramer added streaming content on a live server that enables schools to run these sessions smoothly. This new protocol will allow teachers to teach in the classroom and stream that lesson on YouTube and Panopto simultaneously. Addressing the COVID scenario's needs, the company is also planning to support multiple cameras in the classroom to cover the whiteboard and teachers for a more improved learning experience.

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For the last 4 decades Kramer Electronics offers ProAV solutions for AV signal management, control, management, installer product and solutions and secure BYOD collaboration. All delivered with the latest cloud, software, and hardware technology to various sectors, including corporates, government, healthcare, education, mission critical application and more

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