Kraus Aerospace: Smart-Persistent Aerial ISR Solutions

Stefan Kraus, CEO & Fatema Hamdani, President
Warfighters rely on data and intel for the in-theater advantage proving the adage “knowledge is power.” Kraus Aerospace is focused on providing ‘the right data at the right time’ to our warfighters to give them the absolute advantage. Kraus Aerospace provides this through “three key complimentary offerings” with persistence being the underlying theme.

Kraus is the first company that has bridged the gap in ISR data acquisition and processing, offering truly Smart-Persistent aerial services and technologies.

Kraus Aerospace is developing the world’s first non-stop fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which constitutes their first offering. The platform is capable of providing long range unlimited airborne capabilities at medium and high altitudes. Their proprietary “drone” harnesses multiple energy sources including solar, nuclear and thermals to remain airborne in perpetuity. Their UAV technology can be used for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions, Electronic Warfare, radio relay or any other purpose. The platform is being developed to operate in a cooperative swarming fashion ensuring mission success. Stefan Kraus, CEO of Kraus states, “Today’s UAVs operate over a particular AO, temporarily collect data, then leave the area without providing continuous services. Our UAVs solve for this by providing a truly 24x7 airborne capability.”

The second offering pushes the envelope by creating efficiency through processing real-time ISR data using Kraus’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technology. This provides Autonomous Predictive Intelligence whereby the entirety of the Common Operating Picture (COP) can be processed using heterogeneous sensor data on a persistent basis. Their AI technology identifies and annotates objects, calculates speed & trajectories, computes targets and potential threats, and by understanding the entirety of the scene, provides predictions allowing for battlefield strategy to be defined with precision.

As we bring specific modeling around how situations or patterns are recognized in a particular AO, we produce actionable intelligence to save lives

This removes the guessing game from modern warfare ensuring mission success. Fatema Hamdani, President of Kraus explains, “We’re the first company to provide predictive in theater technology in a way similar in logic to IBM’s Deep Blue versus Kasparov, allowing us to be many steps ahead of our adversaries.”

The third offering is providing Contractor Owned Contractor Operated (COCO) UAV based Smart-Persistent ISR services to its customers on a 24x7x365 worldwide basis. Customers utilizing the end-to-end platform agnostic ISR services benefit from the company’s military veteran team. Former Marine, Lt. Colonel John Morris, COO of Kraus, states, “Based on our combined experience, we bring unique value to the market by understanding the precise needs of our customers in the realm of aerial ISR.” Kraus has taken this valuable insight allowing customers to choose what level of ISR services they need. Morris explains, “We can operate customer owned UAV platforms or provide our own, allowing us to achieve rapid deployment in a cost-effective, efficient manner.” As mission profiles changes, so can the service offered by Kraus.

Hamdani concludes, “As we bring specific modeling around how situations or patterns are recognized in a particular AO, we produce actionable intelligence to save lives. Being able to provide truly persistent UAV platforms, AI technology and ISR services to capture and make sense of real-time data keeps us ahead in defense technology.”

Kraus Aerospace

Peachtree City, GA

Stefan Kraus, CEO & Fatema Hamdani, President and John Morris, COO

Kraus provides persistent ISR Services, develops non-stop UAV’s and builds AI for the in-theater advantage

Kraus Aerospace