Kroll Ontrack: Making E-Discovery More Worthwhile Through Predictive Coding

Mark R. Williams, CEO
The practice of law, though unique for every case, can be enhanced through measurement and effective management of discovery. In the context of enterprises, discovery includes various documents with metadata. Big Data is a double edged sword, a source of valuable information or a factor for damaging lawsuits especially in the context of employee communications. Electronic Discovery or e-Discovery deals with a rather sensitive portion of enterprise data whose authenticity has to be maintained while addressing changes in legislature.

At the event of a lawsuit, it is often Sisyphean to retrieve relevant discovery. The expansion of workforce activities to cloud, mobile and social media platforms adds to the complexity. E-discovery vendors thus play a crucial role in rendering Electronically Stored Information (ESI) feasible and flexible through the enterprise. Defining e-discovery based on capacity can accurately predict e-discovery spend.

“E-discovery can be transformed into a predictable, reliable and efficient business process,” says Mark R Williams, CEO of Kroll Ontrack, a cooperate investigations and risk consulting firm based in Minneapolis. “A repeatable business practice around the big data would provide better insight instead of starting each project from scratch at the event of every lawsuit. By employing the same people, process and technology companies would be able to shrink risk and cost.” Founded as a software firm in 1985, Kroll Ontrack expanded its trade wings to data recovery, information management and e-discovery. The company claims to recover any data from physical, virtual or cloud platforms irrespective of the operating environment or device.

Ontrack Power Control is the company’s email recovery, archiving and functionality overview tool which is compatible with both cloud and on premise platform. Using the E-discovery and Relativity suite of software, e-discovery portfolio can be managed from any device while offering a single review platform with total data control.

A repeatable business practice around the big data would provide better insight instead of starting each project from scratch at the event of every lawsuit

The company’s Relativity Legal Hold tool promises to automate the legal hold process and track legal hold data in one place.

Apart from the technology to intelligently process any data type and achieve the most comprehensive data set in a forensically sound manner, Kroll Ontrack also poses as an e-discovery consultant providing training and support services. Through their Advance Review Services, clients benefit from licensed attorney reviewers. Kroll Ontrack encapsulates comprehensive Technology Assisted Review (TAR) using a structured method of communication. Ralph Lousey, share holder of Jackson Lewis, the workplace law firm since 1958; terms Kroll Ontrack TAR as a disruptive technology whose predictive coding displaces traditional keyword search. As client of Kroll Ontrack, the company was able to review more than 2700 files in an hour; “A feat beyond our expectation,” he prides.

Kroll Ontrack is one among the sponsor companies of Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM); an organization that serves as a guide for corporations and law firms faced with the cost challenges and complexities of e-discovery. The Company recently bagged Relativity Innovation Award for the Best Service Provider Solution and Community Choice Solution. The company boasts the largest R&D team in the industry and holds SAS 70 Type II certification. “Our goal is to transform e-discovery from an art to a science – something that is predictable, reliable and efficient, with higher quality results,” concludes Williams.

Kroll Ontrack

Eden Prairie, MN

Mark R. Williams, CEO

Provides technology-driven services and software specializing in recovery, data destruction, ediscovery and document review