Kruger Corporation: Driving Disruptive Digital Transformations

Ernesto Kruger, Founder and CEO
Innovation is the only constant for businesses when it comes to implementing digital technologies. Today, while driving a profound transition in business activities, processes, and competencies, digital transformation, which entails implementation of AI, blockchain, and IoT, has become a major undertaking that no organization can ignore. By 2020, approximately 75 percent of businesses will be digital, or have digital business transformations underway, reveals Gartner. Standing on the cusp of this data-led digital innovation is Kruger Corporation, instrumental in helping organizations lead the digital transformation curve. A reputed IBM partner, Kruger implements disruptive technologies in companies, to digitalize business processes through omnichannel services, agile methodologies, customer analytics, interoperability and more.

Kruger is a specialist in implementation and integration of IBM Websphere and Bluemix solutions. The company’s forte in middle layer or middleware, SOA, BPM, and data quality has made them a certified IBM Gold Business Partner. Working hand-in-hand with IBM, Kruger leverages solid architectures for omnichannel implementation, optimization and process automation, API economy, blockchain, cognitive services, cloud solutions, to name a few.

Elucidating the relationship between IBM and Kruger, Ernesto Kruger, Founder and CEO of Kruger Corporation says, “14 years ago, we started our journey with IBM by implementing SOA, which has become one of our core strengths today, making us a prime IBM partner in this category.” Traversing through the years, Kruger Corporation has utilized this knowledge to develop projects for world-renowned companies such as Telefonica, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, KFC, Amdocs, Nestle, among others.

What substantiates the company’s continuous commitment to driving disruptive innovations is the transformation of conventional DevOps methodology into their breakthrough ‘InDevOps’ philosophy (wherein ‘In’ stands for ‘Innovation’). With customer-focused service approach at the heart of Kruger’s business, the agile methodologies for implementations form their core competence. The company leverages agile methodologies from javelin board to design thinking, product discovery, and business canvas to emphasize on client’s precise requirements, thereby adding value to the project. Recently, Kruger Corporation also attained “maturity level 3” in agile project development from the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Institute.

Kruger implements disruptive technologies in companies, to digitalize business processes through omni-channel services, agile methodologies, customer analytics, interoperability and more

This evaluation, as Kruger notes is quite significant, as it allows Kruger Corporation to offer products and services to their customers that are developed with best-standardized practices worldwide.

Illustrating the success of their unique digitalization approach, Kruger mentions about one of their clients, a large bank in Ecuador, who wanted to implement a digital channel called “unbanked correspondents.” The project aimed at delivering banking services to people who previously had difficulty in accessing channels like ATMs or bank agencies. The primary challenge for the bank was to redesign the channel, which only consisted of a small POS and a 2G connection, and was instituted to deliver over 400 banking services ranging from deposits to utility services payments. The client’s existing technology was not a standard enterprise-grade solution and led to multiple failed transactions. Kruger Corporation evaluated the challenges and implemented SOA architecture for the bank based on IBM solutions. Using services based on IBM Integration Bus, the channel UI was redesigned to use this new approach with better communication protocols. As a result, the bank could significantly enhance their banking services, and simultaneously increase the security level, thus boosting the user experience and agility.

Presently catering to businesses in Ecuador, Peru, Spain, USA, and recently to Chile and Panama, Kruger Corporation has the vision to expand their organization worldwide, both organically as well as geographically. Concurrently, the company also intends to grow their technological capabilities to accompany their clients in implementing a digital strategy, from advisory level to a transformational level, by leveraging Kruger’s five fundamental pillars: omnichannel, interoperability, agile processes, customer analytics and innovation.

Kruger Corporation

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Ernesto Kruger, Founder and CEO

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