Krux: Cross-Screen Data Management Platform Continues to Succeed with Marketers and Publish

Tom Chavez, CEO
Big data has taken the corporate world by storm. Today, nearly every marketing and business decision is fueled by some deep understanding of customers’ and clients’ behaviors. At the center of it all is “data.” Where is this data coming from? Sales profiles, loyalty programs, subscriptions, and probably most importantly, the Internet – the place where companies search for new partners, vendors and prospective customers; and where consumers go to learn more about businesses, products and services.

In 2010, media and technology veterans Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya set out with a vision of creating cooler, safer, smarter and faster web experiences on any site, any screen and at any time. The two co-founded Krux and developed a cloud based enterprise software solution that protects, manages and monetizes data. The Krux data management platform (DMP) allows companies to capture people’s interactions with their website, sales channels and offline sources; interpret the data and apply the findings to create a personalized user experience as people navigate from their laptops to tablets to smartphones to connected TVs and back again.

“We are building a pervasive power grid for the internet that intelligently and safely connects consumer web data to events, places and devices where it can drive productive and valuable experiences for users,” says Tom Chavez, CEO, Krux.

Krux’s cross-platform DMP has more than 1.5 billion unique users monthly including more than 250 million mobile devices. Major digital brands, including Bloomberg, Telegraph, NBC Universal and Triad Retail Media, depend on Krux to build better brand experiences and improve revenue from advertising operations.
Furthermore, web companies including Meredith, YouBeauty, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Axel Springer, Washington Post, Source Interlink and Financial Times depend on Krux to protect, manage and connect their consumer data safely with trusted partners.

Krux is building a pervasive power grid for the internet that intelligently and safely connects consumer web data on a just-intime basis to events, places, and devices where it can drive more productive experiences for users

Unlike virtually all of its competitors, Krux was founded to serve its clients as a best-in-class data management solutions provider. Krux did not pivot into this space as a former demand-side platform or an ad network. As a result, Krux has substantially more technical horsepower to solve the needs of modern web operators.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Krux has offices in New York, Boston, London and Singapore. Krux aspires to retain its global technology leadership in data management by offering the most flexible, real-time and secure solution that manages and monetizes any volume and type of data.


San Francisco, CA

Tom Chavez, CEO

A cloud-based data management platform that helps companies capture, analyze, protect and manage people data across all screens and sources.