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Bibi Rosenbach, CEO
Not long ago, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was “a total mystery” to most organizations, but its potential is now grabbing the attention of IT consulting and advisory firms, outsourcing providers, and enterprises alike. “We are witnessing a whole new era in sourcing strategy for IT and Business Process. RPA continues to advance quickly as a platform and is transforming BPO service delivery models,” states Bibi Rosenbach, CEO, Kryon Systems. However, enterprises today are challenged by tectonic shifts in nearly every aspect of their businesses. With increased costs and complexity, companies are looking for ways to improve employee productivity more effectively by shifting them away from repetitive and labor-intensive tasks. As such, organizations are looking to leverage efficient technology and automation solutions to enable best-in-class Business Process Services (BPS) outcomes. Addressing this need is Franklin Lakes, NJ-based Kryon Systems, a provider of comprehensive performance improvement solutions which supports both the end-user and IT automation efforts.

“Our enterprise-strength, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software platform ‘Leo’ is a robust, highly scalable, powerful, and flexible tool,” says Rosenbach. “Clients can easily offload their rule based, mundane, repetitive processes to a robotic workforce—ensuring efficient and accurate completion of business processes for organizations.” Based on Kryon Systems’ unique and proprietary visual recognition technologies, the platform supports any application regardless of its underlying technology, can record and execute business processes across multiple applications yet requires no integration with the supported applications. “Leo is easy to use, installs quickly and is easily scalable to meet growing needs,” extols Rosenbach. Leo Robotic Process Automation automates any business process that is definable, repeatable, and rules-based by assigning a Leo (software) robot to manage the execution of those processes.

The Leo platform is also composed off different modules: the Leo Studio, Leo Player, Leo Server, and a management console. The intuitive Leo Studio enables business users or Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to quickly and easily create automation scenarios (wizards) which run the business processes, applying business rules, decision points or policy enforcement via advanced commands.

Leo is easy to use, installs quickly and is easily scalable to meet growing needs

“Reliance on IT resources is significantly minimized resulting in a lower total cost of ownership,” affirms Rosenbach. The automation scenarios are saved on the Leo Server, the platform’s main content repository, and from which the robots download the wizards to execute a scheduled task. This client-server architecture ensures that Leo Robots always execute the most up-to-date version of a business process and allows companies to adapt to change readily and without risk. The web-based management and monitoring console enables remote monitoring, scheduling and management of Leo Robots. “Users can immediately see in real time the status of their robotic workforce, tasks, and processes. Users can also refine tasks and schedule tasks to their robots, or group them according to types of activities and customers,” says Rosenbach.

“At Kryon Systems we recognize that performance issues are not resolved solely by offloading repetitive tasks to a robotic workforce” explains Rosenbach. To this end, the Leo platform can be further leveraged to address under performance of employees executing business processes by using the same Leo Studio and Server to deliver live application guidance and desktop automation to end-users. A Leo Player (client) guides users through their processor automates tasks directly on their business application to accomplish any task, quickly and accurately.

“We are committed to assisting organizations realize their business objectives by providing comprehensive solutions which support their automation efforts,” asserts Rosenbach. By offering great partnership opportunities, Kryon Systems is working toward making Leo available for customers around the globe, in any industry of any size. Subsequently, Kyron Systems is focused on being at the forefront in the RPA market, delivering innovative tools and capabilities that will empower organizations to achieve their goals.

Kryon Systems

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Bibi Rosenbach, CEO

A premier provider of performance improvement solutions which support both the end-user and IT automation efforts

Kryon Systems