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Clinton France, Founder & CEO
“While cloud is a relatively new technology, the infrastructure and services have been plagued by the same challenges for the last 25 years,” begins Clinton France, the Founder and CEO of Krystallize Technologies, as he touches upon how the cloud is poised to address the pitfalls in the infrastructure. However, moving to the cloud, which allows for ubiquitous service delivery at a significantly reduced cost, is only half the battle. The vast majority of IT organizations still struggle with how application workload demand impacts cloud performance, how they can map existing application workloads to the cloud services’ capabilities and how cloud resources can meet the performance requirements that applications demand. Krystallize has the solution. Since its inception, the company has continued to expand and grow, allowing companies to place their environments in the cloud with confidence.

While customers are looking for quality solutions that provide predictable, reliable, repeatable service; the tools of traditional infrastructure are not going to help. Krystallize CloudQoS gives customers the ability to find the “best fit, best cost” solution and sustain the quality their application requires.

This is what makes their company different from the rest.

Mr. France points out, there is high variability in the cloud services capabilities and the ability to deliver for the application. As traditional infrastructure has moved to cloud, the visibility into this variability is nonexistent. To provide some visibility, private cloud platforms were built, (such as Netflix) but the issues of the last 25 years are still in the private clouds of today. For Enterprise or small companies to be able to exist in the cloud and have a hybrid solution they require a type of service to do the job and reduce the challenges. Using Krystallize’s CloudQoS products helps businesses reach their goals faster and more efficiently than ever.

To begin with, the company’s product portfolio comprises CloudQoS Index, CloudQoS Assessment, and CloudQoS Assurance.
The CloudQoS index tests the top cloud service providers, sampling it and identifying the overall service capability it possesses. It also demonstrates the cloud services providers’ variability in the cloud and how it affects price/ performance. This is followed by CloudQoS Assessment / workload profiling where the tool gathers all the concurrent resources and statistics of a native workload and then builds a synthetic workload that generates the same demand, this proxy workload can then be used to find the ‘best fit/best cost’ cloud solution. Followed by this, the Krystallize team assists the clients with the lifecycle management (CloudQoS Service Assurance) to ensure it provides predictable and reliable service.

We are focusing on the service providers to help move workloads into the cloud

As an example, a customer wanted to move to an Oracle cluster to an Oracle virtual space, recalls France. When they had asked another company to move them, they used a process known as Apples-to Apples migration for them. This showed the amount of memory that the native system currently uses and then choose a system, within the cloud, which matched that amount.

However, when doing this, they didn’t find an exact match but something that was bigger. This did save the company 2 percent, but it was not the specific need that they had. With Krystallize, they were able to find a solution within the cloud. CloudQoS was able to match their application demand, with a specific cloud configuration to meet their needs, and not over provision. This helped them match the size and specifications of the services that they needed and even saved the company 5 percent of the costs.

In days to come, Krystallize looks forward to signing the third MSP and are working on their halo account. “We are focusing on the service providers to move workloads into the cloud,” France adds. This will allow them to help even more customers, expanding beyond where they are currently sitting in the MSP and Enterprise space.

Krystallize Technologies

Fulshear, TX

Clinton France, Founder & CEO

A cloud performance management company providing services that takes the guess work out of putting applications into the cloud

Krystallize Technologies