KSM Consulting: Leveraging Technology And Data For Progress

CIO Vendor For organizations involved in complex technology projects, it is often difficult to monitor the quality and status of the project. Bridging this gap is Indianapolis-based KSM Consulting (KSMC). Established in 2007, KSMC provides management consulting, technology and advisory services across a variety of industries, including transportation, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, and government. KSMC has differentiated itself with its collaborative and customized approach to clients’ most complex problems. “We have created a formula for collaborating with our clients’ existing resources to understand project status. We then use results driven oversight to bring critical projects to successful completion,” says Charlie Brandt, the Managing Director of the consulting firm. The KSMC team has significant experience solving strategy, structure, and process challenges for large, complex organizations, particularly in the public sector. Through its variety of Project Oversight services including Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) and Project Rescue, KSMC ensures on-time and under-budget project delivery. Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services are provided to government agencies who like to have third party oversight of complex technology projects, while Project Rescue services help organizations whose complex IT projects have stalled or failed. KSMC’s Project Oversight methodology operates at both strategic and tactical levels to ensure a project will meet the organization’s goals upon successful completion. The team’s ability to listen to clients at all levels within an organization and to work within its clients’ available

“We have created a formula for collaborating with our clients’ existing resources to understand project status."

resources helps balance priorities and build sustainable momentum. This ensures a strong connection between the project and the organization’s strategy, allowing the team to drive project-wide improvements with a keen focus on detailed project areas. Because government agencies have limited time to produce great results, KSMC focuses on serving the public sector efficiently. For example, KSMC was recently hired to help a public sector, human services agency drive the implementation of a new case management system which involved multiple vendors, across a wide geographical area. KSMC’s project management team defined an organizational structure and team member roles to provide consistent visibility around project status. This led to continuous improvement of the overall project structure, and ultimately, a successful project completion. Outside of Project Oversight services, the firm also has expanded into predictive analytics. Through analytics, KSMC helps its clients make better decisions, create more effective organizational change, and develop data driven strategies. In the government sector, KSMC’s analytics projects are leading to profound quality of life improvements and outcomes for citizens. The firm also is using data analytics to help clients identify and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. Going forward, KSMC will continue to develop and deploy its expertise in public sector disciplines for which the market demonstrates a need. The firm also will continue to focus on joining technology with strategy and execution to allocate resources and to drive desired outcomes in the public sector, ultimately helping to improve the lives of citizens.

KSM Consulting

Providing consulting services in MES, Systems Integration and software validation.