Kuecker Logistics Group: Spearheading Facility Automation

Jim Kuecker, Vice President of Sales
Today’s food and beverages (F&B) industry is held back by the acute shortage of labor and right talent to oversee operations. As an outcome, the industry has been sluggish in terms of expansion, innovation, revenue generation, and productivity since many years. To overcome this situation, companies in the F&B industry are in pursuit of advanced solutions that not only address the labor predicament but also take productivity to new heights. This is where Kuecker Logistics Group pitches in with its turnkey automation solution suite and associated services. A prolific systems integrator, Kuecker Logistics brings quality systems to automate clients’ legacy processes which traditionally require excessive labor headcount. As a facility automation specialist, the company rejuvenates the smooth functioning of cold storages and other storage facilities of grocery chains and third-party logistics companies.

At the outset of client engagement, Kuecker Logistics conducts a detailed assessment of the supply chain of its clients. The company thoroughly analyzes how the clients engage with their customers and approach markets. The assessment helps Kuecker Logistics devise ‘Intelligent Solutions’ that equip clients with a strong automation-driven control on all aspects of their business areas, including production and distribution.

Thanks to the extensive experience of its employees, Kuecker Logistics successfully identifies and addresses all the predicaments of its clients and thrives as a pioneering F&B solution provider in the marketplace. With the ability to comprehend the technical requirements of clients, team Kuecker Logistics suggests required automation solutions that would result in significant profits.

As a mid-size company, Kuecker Logistics has the flexibility to quickly respond to changing market conditions and evolving client requirements. Depending on the client’s ability to afford and handle automation, the company can design fully-automated, semi-automated, or semi-manual solutions.
From deploying simple bots that automate production and distribution to installing six axis robots Kuecker Logistics has a solution for all F&B companies.

Instead of having a large labor force, companies can hire a handful of skilled technicians to manage the automated environments that we develop

“Our solutions reduce labor requirements in the ratio of 7:1. Instead of having a large labor force, companies can hire a handful of skilled technicians to manage the automated environments that we develop,” says Jim Kuecker, Vice President of Sales of Kuecker Logistics Group. “Apart from providing technologically advanced and customized solutions that meet the highest standards of performance, quality, and safety, we provide clients with a plethora of services such as operational analysis, system engineering and installation, project management training, start-up assistance, and support.”

International F&B companies have a history of incurring losses as they use different labels for selling their products in different countries. When not sold in a particular country, the products stagnated and they could not be channeled to other regions. Kuecker Logistics introduced ‘Food Buffering Systems,’ a flexible packaging equipment that helps companies replace labels and resell them in new markets. In an instance, a company was able to save up to $50 million annually using this system.

Kuecker Logistics owns a dedicated software company that develops required control and execution software using which clients can operate their automation solutions. Kuecker believes that disruptive technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and big data will dramatically change the marketplace in the years to come. Aspiring for a bright future, Kuecker Logistics is focused on hiring talented individuals and adapt to market disruptions.

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Jim Kuecker, Vice President of Sales

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